Together we stay strong

LAMILUX about the current situation

#Smilenohandshake - Together we stay strong

Dear Sir or Madam

In these challenging times, we must do one thing above all: Standing together. Because together and in partnership, we will always find suitable solutions and ways, as the situation requires it individually, even in the Corona crisis. This is also our company philosophy: Customized Intelligence – serving the customer as a program.

For you, this means that you can continue to rely on us. At present, we are still able to manufacture your products and deliver them to you without any major restrictions by Corona – in the usual quality and with comprehensive service.

But one thing is very important to us above all: The well-being of people. We have already taken many internal measures to protect our employees and their families, but also to keep the business running efficiently. We adapt this course daily, sometimes even more often, to current developments. Because we are also aware of our responsibility as an employer of a medium-sized company that can play its part in fighting this pandemic.

This situation demands a great deal of flexibility and commitment from all of us. We are therefore grateful for our employees, customers, suppliers and partners, who are all doing an excellent job to ensure that we all survive this pandemic in good health and with the necessary strength.

We therefore wish you: Take care and stay healthy! We will continue to stand by your side as a strong partner.

With best regards

Dr. Heinrich Strunz
Manager (chm.)
Dr. Dorothee Strunz
Dr. Alexander Strunz
Johanna Strunz