End station for parcels - The last mile for delivery vans

Only ordered in the online shop yesterday, the package is already delivered today. In these times of shops having to close down and being prevented from leaving your home due to Corona, the online mail order business is expanding and deliveries are increasing. Increasing numbers of delivery vehicles are being utilised more often for the journey to the customer. The routes are not however always pleasant when travelling to the recipients. Particularly critical: the last mile to the door of the recipient – especially for cooled goods.

LAMILUX in mail order

It used to be unimaginable before, but today it is standard. The market share of online mail order retailers is expanding rapidly. This is also due to Corona, which makes it difficult or even impossible for people to go out and visit the shops. The enormous number of daily online orders is not only therefore striking, rather also the speed of delivery. The numerous assignments and also the increasing number of delivery vehicles are responsible for this. However, they themselves must be able to withstand a lot of things when used frequently. LAMILUX glass-fibre reinforced composites are suitable equipment for safe and durable delivery vehicles and cooling transporters.

Cool down in the last mile

Foodstuff and perishable goods must also be cooled and transported hygienically at their last stations. LAMILUX AntiBac hereby handles an important job in the interior of the transporter: It actively kills bacteria and also even multiresistant germs. This is implemented by means of nano-silver particles on the surface finish of the material used for the interior side wall and for roof applications.

X-treme safe driving 

Wherever curiosity addresses have to be located and houses are concealed at the end of roads which are difficult to drive on, the route can also develop into a stressful bumpy slope. Scratching branches from chafing shrubs, stoney soil underneath the wheels – this makes it difficult for large delivery vehicles to keep to a schedule. In these cases, LAMILUX X-treme provides stability, secure retention in road traffic and impactresistant side walls for the vehicles during transport. This means that damage does not occur even on the wildest trips – both on the vehicle as well as on the parcels. The composite material is also so robust that material can actually be saved in vehicle construction. And this makes the delivery van lighter. This saves fuel and significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

Slip inhibitors in the freight room

Constantly shipping parcels every day also causes wear on the carrying surface of the transporters. The LAMILUX Anti Slip slip inhibiting system counteracts this. The granular laminate prevents the parcels from slipping around and becoming unnecessarily damaged on the journey. On the other hand, the surface finish is so resistant to abrasion that continuous loading and unloading never wears out the floor. LAMILUX X-treme and Anti Slip therefore ensure a long service life for delivery vehicles and frequently save having to visit the workshop. This leaves a few minutes over in order to dedicate more time on the hide and seek games for some locations.

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