LAMILUX Composites launches 25 new webinars on GRP

An in-depth look at the world of glass fibre reinforced plastics

What are glass-fibre reinforced plastics (GRP), what are the versatile areas of application for GRP and how can you best make use of the advantages of LAMILUX Composites in your industry? The brand new webinars by the GRP expert LAMILUX Composites leave no questions unanswered. During 25 scheduled sessions, the professionals provide an in-depth look at the world of GRP solutions and explain in a personal discussion how you can benefit from the potential for yourself.

Whether from the perspective of industry, the product or the solution: the GRP webinars not only present the areas of application and advantages of GRP solutions, but also the resulting added value of GRP products. Each webinar has a specific focus. In addition to a comprehensive GRP basics webinar, the following exciting webinars are available:

LAMILUX FireShield – the modular system for flame-retardant GRP solutions: What is the secret of the modular system for flame-retardant GRP solutions and in which areas is LAMILUX FireShield used? Find out everything you need to know in the related webinar.

LAMILUX GRP solutions for the caravan industry: Functionality combined with an aesthetic appearance – GRP is highly suitable for motor homes thanks to their individual design options, stability and lightness.

Hygienic surfaces for the food and medical industry: Find out more about the hygienic benefits of GRP and in which hygiene-intensive areas GRP can be used.

LAMILUX GRP solutions for the tank container industry: Whether on land or at sea, containers must withstand a wide range of influences. How can GRP provide support in this regard and how does LAMILUX GRP make containers super light and strong?

Have you missed a session or can't attend a webinar? No problem. The webinars are recorded and will be available online.

An overview of all upcoming webinars can be found at our webinar page.

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