LAMILUX flat-roof window as electrical SHEV devices

With two daylight systems, LAMILUX has achieved the perfect combination of a high-quality and extremely energy-efficient flat-roof window and a secure smoke and heat exhaust vent device for preventative fire protection. The base is formed by the skylights LAMILUX CI System Glass Element F100, for which the glazing is integrated in a composite frame, and LAMILUX CI System Glass Element FE, which features a stable and heat insulating border frame made of aluminium. Both systems are now also available as SHEV variants certified as per EN 12101-2 with an electrical drive (optionally with 24 volt and 48 volt drives). These two daylight elements open up new architectural and technical possibilities for demanding residential and administrative constructions.

In the SHEV function, the skylights can be opened up to an angle of 165 degrees. With regard to smoke and heat exhaust devices, this very effective opening angle is achieved in only 60 seconds. Toxic smoke gases and heat can therefore quickly escape from the building in the event of a fire. A big advantage of the electrical SHEV opening is that the elements can be sealed again without any difficulty following a false alarm.

In addition to the SHEV function, the two daylight systems are also designed for natural ventilation. LAMILUX provides its own and extensively programmable control systems to control the SHEV function and building comfort. The control technologies, which can be operated with remote controls and touchpanels, ensure an optimum fresh air supply adapted to individual requests and the spatial conditions. Thanks to different sensors, such as temperature and air quality monitors and wind and rain sensors, the opening and closing of the daylight elements can be automated.

Optimum heat insulation and test results

Both the LAMILUX CI System Glass Element F100 (composite frame) and the LAMILUX CI System Glass Element FE (aluminium frame) are structures completely free of thermal bridges and thus represent optimum energy efficiency. And due to the wide range of glazing variants, Ug values of up to 0.6 W/(m²K) can be achieved with double or triple heat insulation glazing. Moreover, the GRP upstand, on which the upper parts for the functional and thermally ideal structural mount are installed, is also heat-insulated (U value of 0.5 to 0.9 W/(m²K)) and seamlessly processed.

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