LAMILUX has developed a highly effective, resistant material during a three-year research project in cooperation with scientists and health professionals. This material is able to enhance hygiene standards worldwide in many areas of life on a sustainable basis and minimise risks. Whether fitted as wall and ceiling panelling in hospitals and operating theatres, as a lightweight material for food transport or as hygienic wall panelling in the food processing industry: the firmly embedded nano-silver in LAMILUX AntiBac neutralises over 99.9% of all bacteria on its surface effectively over the long term.


Tanks to its permanent antimicrobial effect, LAMILUX AntiBac helps to compensate for natural fluctuations in cleaning and disinfection on all wall and ceiling surfaces. This creates a redundant system for maximum hygienic safety.

Disinfection means a reduction in germs by a factor of at least 105; in other words, thank to LAMILUX AntiBac, less than 10 in 1,000,000 replicable germs survive.