Toom construction and garden center, Langen

Continuous Rooflight

Essential Info

Place / Country:Langen, Germany
Building type:Toom construction and garden center
Solutions:Continuous Rooflight B

Delivery and assembly of seven continuous rooflights with integrated smoke and heat exhaust systems including permanent fall-through protection. 

  • Continuous Rooflight B without thermal bridges 
  • Glazing with multi-shell hollow-chamber profile (10 mm – fourfold + 6 mm four-fold) in an opal, glare-free execution 
  • SHEV System with opener for additional ventilation function 
  • LAMILUX Safety Stripes for Continuous Rooflight B: 
  • The aluminium safety stripes in distance of 250 mm in the area of the safety edge of the continuous rooflight guarantee a permanent fall-through protection according to GS-Bau-18 already before assembling the glazing and during the whole time of the product use.

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