Markgraf-Georg-Friedrich Secondary School, Kulmbach

LAMILUX Glass Skylight FE 3°

Essential Information

Place/ Country:Kulmbach, Germany
Building Type:School

11x Glass Skylight FE 3°
2x rigid

9x ventilated; SHEV-function

Effeciency:Certified Environmental School; very good energy 
efficiency of the Glass Elements necessary

The new construction of the MGF Secondary School combines two existing buildings and therefore planning as well as aesthetic challenges had to be solved in order to bring daylight into the school.

The solution: eleven LAMILUX Glass Elements provide the break hall, library and meeting rooms with natural daylight and function as a special design highlight.

Two of those elements were installed as a fixed version. Nine flat roof windows can be used for daily ventilation and act as smoke and heat exhaust systems in case of fire.

The upstands of the elements with 3° inclination guarantee a smooth water drainage, prevent dirty edges and thus avoid time-consuming cleaning work.