Municipal Crèche, Waltenhofen (Germany)

LAMILUX Glass Element FE

Place / Country:Waltenhofen, Germany
Buiding Type:Crèche
Solutions:LAMILUX Glass Element FE 3°

After two years, the new construction of the crèche in Waltenhofen is completed. Thanks to the use of wood, the construction was completed quickly. It was important here to make the children's area in the building as simple as possible, in order to facilitate their orientation. The large entrance hall offers enough space for the children to play.

With the use of the Glass Elements FE 3°, the area of the entrance hall is flooded with ample daylight. The built-in elements make the room look much friendlier and invite you to play. SHEV control panels were installed for daily ventilation. These also provide fire protection for the childcare facility.