Zaltech, Moosdorf

LAMILUX Glass Skylight F100

Essential Information

Place / Country:Moosdorf, Austria
Building Type:Industrial Building

Glass Skylight F100
Glass Skylight F round
Rooflight F100

In April 2017, Zaltech, was ready to celebrate the opening of their headquarters in Moosdorf, Austria. The company’s product range includes mixed spices, flavours and marinades for the food industry, all of which are natural, pure and healthy. The assembly of the new headquarters was designed to be a modern, low-energy construction which required a connection to nature, mirroring the products that the company stands for.

The daylight illumination of the new building presented not only planning but also aesthetic challenges, due to the curved shapes of some of the corridors and rooms. LAMILUX’s solution was to integrate nine LAMILUX Glass Skylights F100 with top roof edge sizes of 100cm x 100cm to 120cm x 120cm, as well as twenty-five LAMILUX Glass Elements type F in round design with diameters of 100cm to 120cm into the roof. Both shaped versions complimented each room they were installed above, offering not only stylish lighting accents but also excellent energy values.

In addition to the aluminium framed rooflights, LAMILUX supplied over 100 Rooflights F100 with top roof edge sizes of 120cm x 120cm and 120cm x 180cm.
Some of these rooflights were installed with an opening function and are used for daily ventilation within the building. Furthermore, they increase the safety at the workplace by serving as smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems.

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