BMW FIZ, Munich (Germany)

Glass Roof PR60

Short Info

City / Country:Munich, Germany
Object type:Research and Innovation Center
Solutions:LAMILUX Glass Roof PR60

With the project house in the Research and Innovation Center of the BMW Group in Munich, a new kind of cooperation in the product development process was facilitated by a special physical organization. The Studio-Workshop Building is located in the central atrium of the 100 x 100m building. The four project floors consist of four quadrants each.

The project was very challenging for the technology and site management due to its special technical features. A particular feature was the very low inclination of the roof, which makes the water drainage in the secondary level all more important. However, the team has achieved this excellently. The new roof consists of 60 axles with 15 discs each. Of the total of 900 discs, 225 were of different sizes. The disassembly and assembly of the roof took place during day-to-day operation.