EZ1 - Milton Park, Abingdon

Glass Roof PR60

Essential Info

Place / Country:Abingdon, England
Building Type:Commercial Building

Glass Roof PR60

This pre-let contemporary, high end commercial building on Milton Park, Oxford is home to a prestigious office and laboratory headquarters. The Glass Roof PR60 3° continuous atrium rooflight was carefully designed and installed, complete with framing detail, to ensure a seamless transition to the wall abut at the head, whilst sitting onto perimeter supports at the verge and cill.

Covering a space of fourteen metres wide by fifteen metres long, each of the sixty panes of glass measured approximately 1,000mm x 3,500mm. LAMILUX were able to provide a better solution, with bigger panes, than the original concept, with the panes arranged in four flush tiers with three transom mullions fitting onto the I beams.

To prevent overheating in the summer, a high performance glazing, with a silver coating was used, which was designed and installed to be walked on for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

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