Hallam University, Sheffield

Glass Roof PR60

Essential Info

Place / Country:Sheffield, England
Building Type:University Building

Glass Roof PR60

LAMILUX products were specified by the architect from the pre-planning stage. Careful communication and discussions therefore took place, between LAMILUX U.K and the architect, from an early stage of the project, to ensure key requirements were met.

The roof location was overlooked by much higher, additional university architectural buildings. For this reason the architecture and geometry of the roof glazing design was vitally important. Fulfilling the specification, LAMILUX designed each glass field within each rooflight to a bespoke shape, offering an aesthetically pleasing solution, whilst maintaining the high quality requirements. High performance solar control glass was used to achieve the specified low Ug-value of 0.29. Each PR60 bespoke rooflight incorporated a panel of special back painted glass to match the RAL 7012
– Basalt Grey framework to suppress the unapt ventilation duct work.

The installation of the rooflights faced challenges due to the location of the University itself. Located in the City Centre, and within close proximity to the train and bus station, meant that essential equipment such as cranes could not be used at all times. This made the installation of the project extremely time sensitive and careful attention to these time restraints were adhered to.

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