Glass Roof PR60

Essential Info

Place / Country:Lausanne, Switzerland
Building type:Production facility
Solutions:CI System Glass Architecture KWS 60
SHEV / ventilation system

Extensive, energy-saving lighting in the new building using natural light, a reliable smoke and heat exhaust system and energy-efficient natural ventilation in the workshop.

  • Rooflight domes as SHEV systems, thermally separated and free of thermal bridges, designed to hold SHEV fitting
  • Fibre-reinforced composite upstands featuring a seamless design and a thermal insulation core
  • TIP technology: completely heat-insulated overall system
  • SHEV fittings (DIN EN 12101-2) with CO2 remote and thermal release
  • CO2 alarm station and SHEV control panels to activate ventilation and smoke exhaust drives
  • Double-glazed, opal glass, 70% light transmission and 70% energy transmission