Sebastian-Strobel-School, Herrieden

Glass Roof PR60

Essential Info

Place / Country:Herrieden, Germany
Building type:Sebastian-Strobel-School

Glass Roof PR60 Passivhaus

SHEV single flaps

Fan blade M

The already existing primary construction was cleaned, laquered and equipped with a new corrosion protection. The upper steel construction of the atrium roof was completely disassembled. The objective was to continue illuminating the school and to bring the daylight colour as naturally as possible into the interior. 

  • Passive House Standard certified glass roof in shed roof form
  • 37% light transmission and 22 energy input
  • Some glass elements are equipped with a semitransparent thin-film solar modules 
  • The glazing consists of three panes with a argon fill in the gaps 
  • The U-Value amounts to 0,70 W/(m²K) in the inclined installation position