Bentley St. Pauls School, Brentwood (Great Britain)

Rooflight F100

Essential info

Place / country:Brentwood, Great Britain
Building type:School building
SolutionsRooflight F100
CI System Continuous Rooflight B

Delivery and installation of 18 F100 Rooflights and 1 Continuous Rooflight B. Our CI-solutions were installed in the course of renovation and roofing works on the school building. Both elements were supplied as fixed constructions, providing a natural source of lighting

  • 10 Rooflights F100 120x120 cm K15 fixed 3 Rooflights F100 60x120 cm K15 fixed 3 Rooflights F100 90x120 cm K15 fixed 2 Rooflights F100 60x60 cm K15 fixed
  • All F100 Rooflights consisting of triple skinned, opal, composites upstand 15 cm high made of GRP for all versions, Ug-value 2,7 W/(m2K)
  • Continuous Rooflight B ITL technology/LBTP technology and ADA technology integrated, Ug- Value 1,6W/(m3K), light permeability approx. 37%, additional fall-through proof