Elbepark, Dresden

Building control system

Essential Info

Place / Country:Dresden, Germany
Building type:Shopping center 

SHEV central control unit

Wind-dependent SHEV control

CI-Control technology

In a period of one and a half years and during active operation, the Elbepark Dresden was renovated and expanded for approx. 80 million euros. LAMILUX implemented the control of the SHEV system based on the PLC technology (programmable logic control).

Conception and realization of a wind direction controlled, electric, SHEV and ventilation system

Details and systems:

  • A central SHEV control unit in freely programmable PLC technology with integrated display for plain text fault messages 
  • Central control unit for superordinate management of six fire compartments 
  • Wind direction controlled SHEV system with wind sensor to determine the wind direction and speed
  • Controlling of 206 slats and 91 flaps with tandem drive in the façade areas of glass roofs or individual daylight systems 
  • 28 decentralized control units (linked safety-related with the central control unit) 

Special solutions:

  • Decentralized SHEV system with a central unit and decentralized motor control devices distributed in the building 
  • Connection to the building control system for ventilation night-time cooling and fault message 
  • Fire alarm system connected to the PLC control 
  • All installation and implementation work was effected during active operation