Schlossarkaden, Braunschweig, Germany

Glass Roof PR60

Essential Info

Place / Country:Braunschweig, Germany
Building type:Shopping mall

Glass structure
SHEV flaps
Pneumatic cylinders (tandem and individual)
Building automation/CI Control Technology
Temperature, wind and rain sensors
Glass Skylight FE
Rooflight Upstands with fans

Natural smoke exhaust design concept for the shopping mall and staircase areas. Day-to-day ventilation provided via SHEV flaps while taking into consideration strict requirements regarding wear and noise.

  • Glass roofs with special pneumatic cylinders for wear-free, almost silent operation, cylinders in same colour as glass structure
  • Cylinders activated via screw compressors, including compressed air tank, compressed air dryer, oil and water separator and microfilter
  • Group switch cabinets activated centrally via fire alarm system
  • Each sub-control panel connected to the internal bus system using an Ethernet cable
  • Smoke exhaust system to ensure instant detection and release in the event of an emergency

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