VW Design Center, Potsdam

Glass Roof PR60

Essential Info

Place / Country:

Potsdam, Germany

Building type:

Office building


Glass Skylight FeE
Integrated flap systems
SHEV flap
Solar protection fitting
SPS controls

Construction of the overhead rooflights, including motor technology for SHEVS and fresh air supply flaps in the facades. Control systems for installed components, including cabling and connection work.

  • Installation of U-sawtooth roof with Okalux glazing and SHEV flaps
  • A small sawtooth roof, including SHEV flaps, and a special round element with a horizontal SHEV vent
  • Facade flaps with tandem chain drives, facade windows act as air vents
  • Solar protection items: luminous ceiling covers, glass with integrated blinds, extendible awnings, interior blinds