Corrugated Board Company, Lucka

Solutions for photovoltaics

Essentail info

Place / Country:Lucka, Germany
Project:Production building

CI-Solar Photovoltaics
CI-System Continuous rooflight B
CI-System Smoke lift B

Optimal coordination of the divisions daylight and photovoltaics technology

Whenever structurally possible, the roof surfaces of this object were equipped with photovoltaic systems. An object-specific wind load report served as a basis for planning. The existing lightning protection installation was adapted to reduce the required additional load for photovoltaic elements.
The complete solution by LAMILUX on the basis of a yield and profitability forecast included conception, planning, building construction and installation as well as acceptance and commissioning of the photovoltaic system which were effected in simultaneous coordination with the installation of SHEV or daylight elements.

CI-Solar Photovoltaics:

  • Non-intrusive and low ballast supporting construction 
  • High-performance full utilization of roof surfaces (423 kWp on three buildings)
  • Low-maintenance central inverter wiring 
  • Elevation East-West (10° inclination for an effective surface utilization)


  • CI-System Continuous rooflight B (Length approx. 137 m, width 4 m), Uw value 1,7 W/m²K 
  • CI-System Smoke Lift B