BMW, Leipzig

Rooflight F100

Essential info

Place / country:Leipzig, Germany
Building type:Production hall
Solutions:Rooflight F100
Continuous Rooflight S
Double-glazed Acryl Glass
Lift Shaft Grating
SHEV Units

The unique architecture and the optimum use of daylight through rooflights  and continuous rooflights ensure ergonomic workplaces and high production efficiency. The heart and communication hub of the facility is the main building, which was built according to the designs of renowned London architect Zaha Hadid. The building and organisational structure give an impression of transparency thanks to the interior courtyards and the natural light streaming through the generous glass facades and around 40 continuous rooflights in the roof.

  • Rooflights F100 custom-made according to BMW's specifications with special roof opening dimensions
  • Glazing consists of double-glazed, opal acryl glass with 77% light transmission
  • Heat insulation in Rooflights F100 features a U value of 2.4 W/(m²K)
  • Fall-through protection during maintenance and cleaning due to the light shaft grating
  • CO2 release device for SHEV unit with pneumatic drive (certified, custom-made design)