METRO Simmering, Vienna

CI System Rooflight Dome F100

Essential info

Place / country:Simmering / Wien, Austria
Building type:Warehouse
Solutions:CI System Rooflight Dome F100
CI System Smoke Lift F100
CI System Continuous Rooflight B
Safety Net

Construction of a new warehouse in Simmering, Vienna. Altogether 125 rooflight domes F100 and five continuous rooflights ensure a perfect incident of daylight and the daily aeration and ventilation. Security is not only provided by the SHEV function but also by the installed falling through protection grilles in every rooflight Dome and continuous rooflight.

  • Every rooflight dome and continuous rooflight have a fall through protection
  • With wind deflector equipped double flap system
  • CO2 alarm cabinet
  • Rooflight domes with double layer seal system
  • To reach an excellent heat insulation value the continuous rooflights consist of two PC-sheets (each 10mm)