Multipurpose Hall Schillerhalle, Dettingen

Solutions for Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation (SHEV)

Essential Info

Place / country:Dettingen, Germany
Building type:Multipurpose hall
Solutions:CI System Smoke Lift
CI System Rooflight Dome
Chain Drive Motor

Installation of large rooflight domes with SHEV and ventilation function into a sports hall. The SHEV system and ventilation technology is not visible from the ground.

The design of the rooflight domes lets the SHEV system and ventilation technology seem invisible from the ground.

  • Special element with GF-UP glazing in the size 300cm x 300cm
  • Chain drive motor as SHEV / ventilation
  • Installation of LAMILUX CI System Rooflight Domes with triple-layer acrylic glazing with different sizes in the dressing rooms / showers