VauDe, Tettnang

CI System Rooflight Dome F100

Essential info

Place / country:Tettnang, Germany
Building type:Office building

CI System Rooflight Dome F100
CI System Smoke Lift F100
CI System reflective

The 30 pieces of CI System Rooflight Domes F100 and the 10 pieces of CI System Smoke Lifts F100 ensure a higher amount of daylight incidence and thus a friendly working atmosphere in the factory and office building of the world-famous sporting goods manufacturer.

The daylight elements are additionally equipped with LAMILUX Reflective, which is a high-reflective coating on the inner side of the upstand.

This unique light directing element consist of high-reflective aluminum reflector material and provides a dazzle-free illumination, which increase the light transmission of rooflight dome up to 50%, thus increases daylight usage up to 25 %  and enables an additional saving of artificial light up to 33%