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LAMILUX Glass Roof Fire Resistance F30/REI30

Combines safety in the event of a fire with an aesthetic appearance

Benefits at a glance

Glass Roof Fire Resistance F30/REI30


  • Fire resistance with the functional integrity of the complete system tested and certified to 30 minutes
  • General Technical Approval (abZ) according to DIN 4102-13 (F30) and classification according to EN13501-2 (REI30)
  • As a self-supporting structure, no costly supporting elements or additional certificates are required
  • No optical compromises – This product has the appearance of the LAMILUX Glass Roof PR60
  • The test under load (REI30) replicates real conditions through to extreme weather events
  • The system bears the DVS quality seal and is certified according to DIN EN 1090-3
  • Resistance to external fire exposure from flying sparks and radiant heat with classification B,roof(t1) according to DIN EN 13501-5



Optimised sealing and drainage system

  • Efficient ventilation of glazing rebates and controlled drainage of water and condensate
  • Overlapping, multi-layered sealing system, designed without direct joints and a secondary drainage system in the inner sealing layer
  • Joint-free, continuous drainage level on the mullion / rafters
  • Increase and improvement of the surface temperature on the glass edge and subsequent reduction in risk of condensation

Active energy management

  • Reduction of heat loss in the frame


Glass Roof Fire Resistance F30 / REI30

Glazing types

  • Insulation glazing (Ug values between 1.7 and 1.1 W/(m²K)) with laminated safety glass
  • Sun protection glazing

Double glazing

Ug value*

Ug value**Light transmission τ value

Total energy permeability g value


1,2 W/m²K1,7 W/m²K76 %

59 %

Matt film

ca. 1,2 W/m²K ca. 1,7 W/m²K--

Sun protection

1,1 W/m²K1,6 W/m²K65 %

37 %

*vertical **horizontal

Technical details

Glass Roof Fire Resistance F30 / REI30

Profile system – Energy efficiency and safety with freedom of design

  • Extremely stable supporting structure made of warp-resistant aluminium
  • Controlled water and condensate drainage through overlapping EPDM secondary drainage system
  • Defined glazing clamping system with insulating spacer webs
  • Elastic bedding of glass pane
  • Visible elements of the supporting structure (aluminium) with RAL coatings

Safety on the roof with CE approved quality in accordance with EN 13830

  • Tightness against driving rain: Class RE 1950 (according to EN 12154/EN 12155)
  • Airtightness: Class AE 3000 (according to EN 12152/EN 12153)
  • Resistance to wind load: (EN 13116 / EN 12179 / 2000 Pa permissible load and 3000 Pa increased load)

Proven energy efficiency

  • Heat transmission coefficient of the mullions and transoms (Um/t) between 1.5 and 1.75 W/(m²K) (depending on the thickness of the glazing)
  • Surface temperature factor fRSi between 0.56 and 0.78 (depending on the thickness of the glazing)