Composite Floor

LAMILUX Composite Floor is an innovative, odourless composite. The flooring is based on a special, weave-reinforced composite and customised PVC cover layers. The material-bonded, force joint between the PVC cover layers and the LAMILUX GRP reinforcement means there is no need for the extra weight of adhesive coatings. This quality combined with optimum strength, durability – even under tough conditions of use – and absence of odour makes LAMILUX Composite Floor ideal for intelligent lightweight construction. The integral design also enables users to save on raw materials and streamline the manufacturing process during further processing.


  • Innovative, odourless 3-in-1 solution
  • Reduction in weight (no adhesive required)
  • Shorter process chain for further processing (no adhesive required for PVC and GRP)
  • Completely odourless thanks to special resin system
  • Carefully tested under conditions similar to practical use
  • Optimum tensile strength and indent resistance

LAMILUX Composite Floor is available

  • In a carrier thickness of 1.5 mm with weave reinforcement
  • With an odourless, high-strength resin system
  • With customer specific PVC cover layers (customers provide PVC)
  • In widths up to 3.0 m, depending on the PVC cover layers
  • As panelling or sheeting


  • Top cover layer for sandwich floor structures
  • Lightweight construction for bus and caravan flooring

Technical data for LAMILUX Composites Floor

(technical/ mechanical)
Test methods
ThicknessIn-house approx. 1.5 mm
WeightIn-house 2,075 g/m²
Glass contentIn-house 37-41%
Barcol hardness
DIN EN 5945 -55 Barcol
Tensile strength
DIN EN ISO 527-4/2/2
125 N/mm²
DIN EN ISO 527-4/2/2
1.5 N/mm²
Tensile modulus of elasticity
DIN EN ISO 527-4/2/2
11500 N/mm²
Flexural strengthDIN EN ISO 14125/RC II145 N/mm²
Flexural modulus of elasticityDIN EN ISO 14125/RC II6050 N/mm²


The indicated values have been defined for a specific production lot. They do not represent any technical specifications or a confirmation of technical characteristics. Changes and errors excepted.

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Composite Floor



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