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Cleanability of surfaces

Floors, kitchen utensils, work surfaces. These are all surfaces that are cleaned regularly. But which material is particularly easy to clean? And why?

Reading time: 6:00 min.

SHEV-Systems for Large-Scale Projects

Large construction projects often pose special challenges regarding smoke and heat extraction systems (SHEVS). These individual requirements have to be met - worldwide.

Reading time: 6:30 min.

What is nanosilver?

Material mixed with nanosilver — you read that again and again. But what exactly is nanosilver? And why is it antibacterial?

Reading time: 5:00 min.

GRP and steel: Comparison of two materials

What are the properties of steel and glass fibre- reinforced plastic? We have carefully examined the two materials for you.

Reading time: 4:00 min.

Daylight in urban environment

The "Wolke 10" daycare centre shows how daylight can be integrated into modern living spaces.

Reading time: 04:00 min.

How BIM facilitates digital construction planning

3D models were still a rarity in the construction industry a few years ago. Nowadays, Building Information Modelling (BIM) makes the planning of buildings much easier. But how do BIM and daylight systems fit together?

Reading time: 4:00 min.

Maintaining Value of Gelcoat

Cleaning, care, polishing: terms that we already know from caring for our cars. But what about gelcoat? That' s what we'll show you in this article. Even more knowledge is available for download in our White Paper.

Reading time: 8:00 min.

Skylights and environmental impacts

Rain, snow, heat and wind - whether flat roof, shed roof or monopitch roof - each roof is exposed to all of this on a daily basis. But what does this mean for the skylights installed in the roof?

Reading time: 7:00 min.

What are the advantages of which material? We have summarised the top properties of GRP, steel, aluminium and wood for you.

Whether hail, UV and corrosion-resistance or processing, cleaning and painting - materials have different properties. We have summarised the advantages of each material and how GRP performs compared to other materials.

Fibre Reinforced Bus Roofs

What materials do you currently use for the cladding of your buses? Steel or aluminium? These are excellent materials, but they have some disadvantages compared to construction materials made of fibre-reinforced plastic (GRP).

Events such as heat waves, heavy rain and floods are becoming more and more frequent. We hear a lot about weather events that are classified as extreme. What does this mean and who is responsible for it?

Climate change is a concern for private individuals, politicians but also small and large companies have to deal with its consequences. But what does climate change have to do with extreme weather events?

Knowledge about architecture, digital planning, fire protection, inspiration, research and transport.

We have also prepared material science and which standards have to be observed when constructing different buildings for you. Among other things, our content platform insights deals with questions around fire protection: How do I best approach the challenge of smoke and heat extraction in large-scale projects? How do I combine the breathtaking design of a shopping centre with the greatest possible safety through SHEVS?

Discover the world of materials science: How can the tried and tested building material steel be replaced by a material that not only has the same rigidity as steel but is also lighter? Fibre-reinforced plastic is an often underestimated material. We have compared different materials with the multi-talent for you. What is the best way to clean the different surfaces?

Articles on the subject of health and hygiene explain how daylight affects the human organism or how roofs and side walls in cold stores and refrigerated structures meet HACCP hygiene standards. However, insights also addresses questions such as why skylights provide considerably more daylight than façade windows and how BIM facilitates digital construction planning.

What will the hospitals of the future look like? How much daylight do our children need? And can an entire house be built from GRP?

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