Façade panel

Made of fibre-reinforced composite, LAMILUX façade panels provide a visually stunning facade system in an extensive range of colours. Their modern appearance is combined with excellent lightfastness, frost resistance and reliable protection against driving rain. LAMILUX façade panels are highly suitable for rear-ventilated curtain wall facades, an increasingly popular construction element due to the increase in thermal insulation requirements.

LAMILUX Façade panel is available

  • In thickness of 5 mm
  • In widths up to 2.50 m
  • As panelling; dimensions according to customer requirements
  • In a range of colours: RAL and NCS systems plus customer-specific colours, from translucent to solid colours
  • With optional flame-retardant resin system
  • Façade panels may also feature a laminated decorative fibrous web as an option.
  • Other thicknesses, dimensions and colours available on request


  • Construction sector, e.g. façade panels
  • Interior design
  • Furniture making

Available types

  • None

Technical data for LAMILUX Façade panel

Technical data and mechanical
properties for LAMILUX Façade panels
Test methodFaçade Panel
Material thicknessIn-house5.0 mm
WeightIn-houseAbout 7,250 g/m²
Glass content25-28%
Flexural strengthDIN EN ISO 14125About 145 N/mm²
Tensile strengthDIN EN ISO 527-4/2/2About 90 N/mm²
Flexural modulus of elasticityDIN EN ISO 14125/WKIIAbout 5,600 g/m²
Tensile modulusDIN EN ISO 527-4/2/2About 7,800 g/m²


These technical data are only valid for the product quality and thickness indicated in the table. The indicated values have been defined for a specific production lot. They do not represent any technical specifications or a confirmation of technical characteristics. Changes and errors excepted.

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