Modular Glass Skylight MS78

A new standard in the CONSTRUCTION industry

Architecture is the art of designing people's living spaces while always staying up to date. In a world that is changing extremely fast, architects must always keep up with the latest trends and adapt to the dynamic needs and expectations of people. In this context, serial construction, automation and individuality emerge as the decisive driving forces for the future of construction. They are the pillars that form the basis for the development of our new LAMILUX Modular Glass Skylight MS78.

Serial construction

Serial construction is the answer to the growing demand for efficiency and precision in the construction industry. Through fast and precise assembly processes, it enables optimised use of resources and ensures high adherence to deadlines on the construction site. This approach has enabled us to design the LAMILUX Modular Glass Skylight MS78 as a perfectly harmonised system, with each element seamlessly merging into the next.


Automation is the key to maximising efficiency and minimising waste in the modern construction industry. By using the latest technologies, we can handle materials with care and use them optimally. This aspect has contributed significantly to the design of our LAMILUX Modular Glass Skylight MS78, which impresses with automated processes in production.


At a time when people want to go their own way more than ever, individuality is an indispensable element of modern architecture. When developing our LAMILUX Modular Glass Skylight MS78, we focused on providing customised solutions that meet the individual needs of each customer. This allows us to ensure that each glass roof is not only a functional part of the building, but also reflects the owner's personal touch.

Our Modular Glass Skylight

Innovation for modern architecture

Modularity is the guiding principle of our time and the ideal prerequisites for modern and future-proof architectural projects. Discover the outstanding properties of our LAMILUX Modular Glass Skylight MS78. With its generous modules, it allows more light in the room while at the same time 

reducing the number of profiles. Our native vent integration (NFI) offers maximum ventilation flexibility combined with a homogeneous appearance, while the simple assembly and absolute tightness at the module joint facilitate installation.

Flexibility and adaptability

of modular glass skylights

Putting together your own glass roof like from a construction kit - that's possible with modular glass skylights. In this article, we present the advantages of modular glass skylights and show why there are no limits to the freedom of design. In addition, you will learn what positive effects modular glass skylights have on people.


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Aesthetics meets technology

purity and elegance without any screw connection at all

At the heart of our vision is an impressive synergy - a seamless interplay of stunning aesthetics and advanced technology. The conscious decision to largely dispense with visible screw connections creates a glass roof design that is unparalleled in its purity and elegance.

Innovation meets experience

the best of two worlds

Our Modular Glass Skylight is the result of over two decades of experience in the development of glass skylights and mullion-transom systems. It combines the best of both worlds: Lean, automated processes, easy integration into the roof and high levels of prefabrication for best quality. At the same time, it offers generous light areas and flexible ventilation options.

Seamless planning and assembly

Our Modular Glass Skylight MS78 is a masterpiece of engineering, designed with the vision of making planning and assembly as simple as possible. Regardless of the substrate - whether wood, concrete or steel - our system can be installed in one go. This simplicity frees architects and planners from unnecessary complications and enables smooth integration into any design vision.

Optimised construction process

With the system behind our Modular Glass Skylight MS78, you say goodbye to time-consuming and complex construction processes. Our system ensures a vapour-tight connection right in the course of assembling the glass roof from the outside, thus reducing the risk of construction moisture in the insulation of the connection area. This is particularly advantageous if the screed is laid before the dry construction, including the vapour barrier, is completed. Experience how our system optimises the construction process and raises quality to a new level.

Experience it yourself

product configurator

Be the architect of your own vision. With our interactive product configurator, you have the opportunity to customise your own Modular Glass Skylight MS78. Choose from a variety of options to create your personal design. Contact us if you are planning something that cannot be displayed with the configurator.

Product configurator

Create an individual product variant, guided by a dynamic dialog with 3D preview in real time. Then share, request with one click or download BIM objects, 2D and 3D CAD models, images, dimensional drawings or data sheets in the desired file format.

Highlight for all planners

With BIM or without – the PDF data sheet with all technical properties including active 3D model, dimensional drawing and link back to configuration is the ideal all-in-one document of your desired product variant. Generate it yourself now 24/7.

We have answers

FAQs and comparison

You have questions about our Modular Glass Skylight MS78? We have the answers. In our FAQ section you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the new Modular Glass Skylight MS78 from LAMILUX. Also discover the advantages of our skylight system in direct comparison with other solutions on the market.

What is a modular glass skylight?
A modular glass skylight is a prefabricated, flexible roof system consisting of several glass modules. It allows individual adaptation to architectural requirements and offers numerous design options in terms of size, shape and functionality.

What are the advantages of a modular glass skylight?
The modular design allows for a high degree of prefabrication resulting in high quality standards ex works and short delivery times. Planning is facilitated by tried-and-tested standard details and assembly is simplified by stringing together ready-made modules. Of course, the advantages of conventional glass roofs are preserved, including high flexibility in design and installation, efficient light output, improved energy efficiency and the possibility of integration into automated building systems. 

How to install a modular glass skylight?
Thanks to their prefabricated structure, modular glass skylights can be installed in one go. They do not require any special substrates and can be installed on a straight, load-bearing upstand or parapet made of wood, concrete or steel. Starting from one side, the basic modules are assembled and lined up. The MS78 in particular benefits from the self-aligning V-groove connection. The glazing, which is already integrated in the frame of the fixed panels or vents, is then inserted. After the vapour barrier and insulation, the all-round weather cladding made of prefabricated flashings is mounted on the system's own brackets.

How is the vapour tightness of a modular glass skylight ensured?
The vapour barrier of the roof is connected to the Modular Glass Skylight MS78 directly in the course of the glass roof installation, after setting the module frames and before inserting the insulation. In the process, the vapour barrier is connected directly to the inner aluminium profiles of the module frames. The system was developed in a way that this work step can be carried out from the roof. So the fitters do not only leave behind a roof that is finished on the outside, but also one that has been connected vapour-tight on the inside. This is a significant advantage in case moisture occurs on the inside during the ongoing construction process. 

Can a modular glass skylight be customised to individual needs?
Yes, our Modular Glass Skylight system can be adapted to individual needs. Module height and width, number of modules and inclination as well as colours and additional equipment can be selected from a wide range.

What distinguishes the LAMILUX Modular Glass Skylight MS78 from other products available on the market?
Our LAMILUX Modular Glass Skylight MS78 is more flexible in terms of the substrate, is easier to install due to the V-groove and allows ventilation vents to be arranged directly next to each other. Moreover, the vents cannot be distinguished visually from fixed panels and do not reduce the glass area. This results in a homogeneous appearance and maximum light output.

How does a modular glass roof affect the energy consumption of a building?
Modular glass skylights can help reduce a building's energy consumption by optimally utilising natural light and thus reducing the need for artificial lighting. In the heating season, they provide solar gains, i.e. heat input on sunny days, and keep heat losses low thanks to their thermally insulating construction.

Are modular glass skylights safe and durable?
Yes, our LAMILUX Modular Glass Skylight MS78 is designed to meet the most stringent safety and durability standards. The use of high-quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques ensures a long life.

Importance of daylight.

„Daylight in a house is so incredibly essential because it is about people's well-being. Without daylight, there is no architecture. Line. Full stop. (!)"


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