Modular glass skylight: High daylight incidence thanks to modular principle

In this article, we present the advantages of modular glass skylights and show why there are few limits to design freedom.

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Flexibility and adaptability of modular glass skylights

Modular glass skylight MS78 inside view | insights by LAMILUX

A high level of daylight incidence is particularly important in public buildings. This makes the rooms appear brighter and friendlier, which has a positive influence on the mood and performance of the people working there. In new buildings, including residential buildings, the focus is therefore increasingly on large glass fronts and roofs to guarantee the highest possible daylight incidence. An easy, fast and also uncomplicated process is promised by a modular glass skylight, i.e. a standardised glass roof that is planned, ordered and also erected in modular form. The cust­omer can choose individually from predefined module heights and widths. These components are in stock as semi-finished products. The customer can therefore put together his own personal, modular glass skylights as if from a construction kit. Thanks to these predefined modules, daylight system manufacturers such as LAMILUX from Rehau can produce the customer's desired, personalised modular glass skylight quickly and in a standardised way, eliminating the need for a time-consuming planning process. 

The LAMILUX MS78 modular glass skylight offers its customers a particularly high degree of design freedom, as all 13 available module heights and 8 module widths can be individually combined with each other. With over one hundred sizes available in this way, it is also possible to respond to regional static requirements. Further variety is provided by the freely selectable inclination of 5° to 30°. Likewise, a homogeneous appearance of sashes and fixed elements is possible in the design of the LAMILUX Modular Glass Skylights MS78 through native sash integration (NFI), which means that the non-visible drives of the sashes also provide a reduced design in the interior. Furthermore, shading in three different colours can be placed in each bay, which can be controlled electrically. The exterior and interior colours of the aluminium sashes/frames are available in the standard colours RAL7016 on the outside and RAL 9016 on the inside, but can also be freely selected as desired.

So it's clear: the main advantages of modular glass skylights, apart from their high flexibility and adaptability to the respective requirements and architectural features of the buil­ding, are above all the minimisation of construction time and costs.

More daylight inside the building with modular glass skylights

Modular glass skylight MS78 office | insights by LAMILUX

Modular glass skylights are used wherever a high incidence of daylight is desired - whether in public buildings, office buildings, warehouses and production halls or in private homes - because natural light plays an important role in our body's day-night rhythm through its effect on the hormone melatonin. Exposure to bright daylight, especially in the morning, inhibits the production of melatonin in the pineal gland in the brain. This keeps us awake, active, energetic and focused. At the same time, serotonin is produced, which has a positive effect on our mood. When darkness falls, melatonin production increases, which makes us tired and prepares the body for sleep. This process helps to maintain a regular sleep-wake cycle and synchronise our internal clock. This means: daylight has a great influence on our health and well-being.

Modular glass skylights can optimise the amount of daylight entering the building. The daylight system manufacturer LAMILUX achieves this with its Modular Glass Skylight MS78 through a high proportion of glass in the modules and large areas of light through sashes without a clamping frame. The sashes can be arranged in any number directly next to each other, which also creates a large ventilation area that guarantees the supply of fresh air and oxygen inside the building.

Thanks to the fast delivery times and easy-to-understand system of the LAMILUX Modular Glass Skylight MS78, it can also play an increasingly important role in private residential construction in the future. In this way, bright, open and friendly living spaces can be created in the home, providing a unique feel-good atmosphere at home and creating a con­nection between the outside and the inside.

LAMILUX Modular Glass Skylight MS78 - energy-efficient and sustainable

Of course, sustainability and energy efficiency also play a significant role in both residential and public buildings. As with all other LAMILUX daylight solutions, particular emphasis was placed on an energy-efficient overall system when developing the MS78 system. Thanks to a construction free of thermal bridges, an isotherm running through the system and an insertable triple glazing with an Ug value of 0.6 W/(m²K), energy loss over large glass surfaces can be reduced. Thanks to the sustainable product design, it also enables a closed raw material cycle through recycling by type, and this with efficient use of materials.

Modular glass skylight MS78 series exterior view | insights by LAMILUX
Modular glass skylight MS78 residential| insights by LAMILUX

Maintenance and installation of modular glass skylights

Modular glass skylights are quick and easy to install. Using the example of the LAMILUX Modular Glass Skylight MS78, an optimised construction process is possible thanks to complete assembly from the roof in one go. Scaffolding or a cherry picker is not necessary. Using the modular principle, the MS78 is installed in a standardised manner from left to right. Thanks to the self-aligning module connection (SAM) and the precisely fitting attachment of the V-groove, a quick and, above all, safe assembly can be realised. 

Modular glass skylights: More daylight, less effort

Modular glass skylight MS78 optimal daylight incidence| insights by LAMILUX

Modular glass skylights are suitable for public buildings such as office or administration buildings, educational buildings such as schools, universities or day-care centres, as well as production or storage buildings, and also for private residences because they guarantee a significantly higher incidence of daylight, which has a demonstrably positive influence on our health. Modular glass skylights can be freely assembled according to the modular principle, adapted to the respective wishes and circumstances, which shortens the planning phase. Thanks to its energy-efficient technology and efficient use of materials, the energy demand in the building is also reduced. The installation and maintenance of modular glass skylights is also relatively simple and can be carried out quickly and easily.