What is integral smoke extraction for buildings?

In the event of a fire, smoke must be removed from a complex building in a complete system – this is the task of integral smoke extraction for buildings. But how does this work in concrete terms? Here are some practical examples.

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This is what smoke extraction looks like in a complete system

Complex buildings such as high-rise buildings, shopping centres, industrial halls or underground car parks are not only architecturally demanding – their fire protection and smoke extraction concepts also demand the highest level of expertise from specialist planners, engineers and building operators. If a fire breaks out, as in any other building, people and property must be protected, rescued and an escape made possible. The more multi-part, angled and multifunctional a building is and the more people there are in it, the more complicated smoke extraction becomes. It is therefore necessary that all fire protection systems are interlinked and function without exception. This is what LAMILUX, the expert for integral smoke extraction for buildings, calls: smoke extraction in a complete system. But: What is integral smoke extraction for buildings? All components are coordinated and automated. Nothing is left to chance or even has to be triggered manually. The following buildings will show you how LAMILUX has planned, manufactured, installed and commissioned such special smoke extraction solutions for its customers. We also address the topic of maintenance and servicing – because this is just as important as the correct design of the fire protection systems themselves. This is what smoke extraction looks like in a complete system.

New construction of a university campus – smoke extraction for canteen, staircases and lecture halls

Twelve-storey high-rise residential building with smoke protection pressure system in staircase and elevator area

Smoke protection pressure systems for residential and commercial buildings in Magdeburg

Luxury high-rise apartment building with integral smoke extraction for the building in the staircase

The SOLID Home in Frankfurt's Europaviertel is over 60 metres high and offers space for almost 200 luxury condominiums. The fire protection concept for the new building is correspondingly demanding. LAMILUX proactively approached the responsible general contractor and developed the holistic smoke extraction for the stairwells by means of a smoke protection pressure system purely on the basis of existing plans and the specifications of the fire protection concept. The concept was convincing and LAMILUX also took care of all manufacturing and implementation activities for the smoke extraction system. 

Why holistic smoke extraction for buildings belongs in expert hands

Andreas Grimm works in technical sales at LAMILUX smoke extraction solutions for buildings. He describes the range of services offered by the specialist for complex smoke extraction systems and integral smoke extraction solutions as follows:

“Today, more than ever, construction is caught between architectural requirements, technical necessities, costs and the ever shorter construction time from groundbreaking to opening. This demands interdisciplinary thinking and action from those involved in construction. The decisive decisions for linking architecture and technology are made in the planning phases in particular, even if it is only a matter of providing sufficient space for the technical installations. In this regard, specialist planners require general knowledge of technical interdependencies as well as detailed knowledge of the individual systems and components. In addition, the requirements of the building codes of the individual countries and other regulations must be taken into account.

This is where LAMILUX comes into play as a specialist company. Because we are specialised in our service area of smoke extraction for buildings. We are fully committed to the topic of smoke extraction. Ideally, we already come into contact with the parties involved in the above-mentioned planning phases and can actively participate in the design and optimisation of the systems in close cooperation between technology and architecture. In this way, we develop solutions that meet the requirements and are economical and state of the art. The technical implementation of the systems is then carried out smoothly and purposefully by our specialist staff under the guidance of our experienced project managers.

It is just as frequent that we enter into projects with already planned systems only in the course of requesting offers. Here, our solutions can often convince as a deviating make through economic offers within the framework of the already far advanced planning.

As LAMILUX is not merely a system provider but a full installer of these systems, the interfaces are reduced to a minimum. This is because all service areas can be covered if necessary. The remaining interfaces are neatly coordinated so that even such projects are handled to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Over the course of more than two decades, the LAMILUX approach to smoke extraction has developed into a real success model. Planners, clients, investors and building operators all benefit from our expertise.”