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Learn everything you need to know and tips and tricks about motorhomes and caravans

Things to know about motorhomes, caravans and traveling in a caravan

The dream of a relaxed vacation in a motorhome. Just imagine: You pack your things and your loved ones, get in and off you go. Simply across Europe. Stops when and where you want - motorhomes or caravans make it possible. Next stop: Croatia. Or would you prefer Italy? How about Albania? A wonderful idea. The only thing missing is the right motorhome. Camping novices in particular ask themselves this question:

What should I consider when buying a motorhome? How can I insure my motorhome as well as possible and cheaply at the same time? Which driving license do I need for which motorhome class? Should it be an alcove motorhome or rather a partially integrated motorhome? Used or new? And what equipment do I absolutely need? So that everything goes smoothly with the purchase and your vacation and you find the right motorhome for you, we have compiled the facts and tips about caravans for you!

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The differences at a glance

Pack your things, get in and drive off. The vacation in a caravan promises everything: freedom, independence, flexibility, fun, new sensory impressions and experiences. No being tied to fixed breakfast times or a place! Once started with the caravan vacation and already you can not stop? That's why it should finally be your own motorhome this year. Or a caravan after all? How do the two houses to go actually differ? You are certainly not alone with this question!

Therefore, we have summarized all the essential differences in the following article. In doing so, we have highlighted various categories. Starting with the technical details, such as fresh water and waste water tanks. About the flexibility of the two types of vehicles, to the required driver's license. What do you have to watch out for in terms of speed, driving style and parking rules? What materials characterize motorhomes and caravans? And, of course, we also talk about costs incurred. Have fun reading!

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How does a motorhome actually differ from a caravan?

Technical specification, flexibility, driving licence, costs and materials are all factors when considering a motorhome or caravan. The article summarises the most important facts of the key factors for you.

Technical specification, flexibility, driving licence, costs and materials are all factors to consider when buying or renting a motorhome or caravan. The article summarises the most important facts of the key factors for you.

Should it be a used or a new motorhome?

The dream of independent travel is within reach. Now the only question is: Should it be a used or a new motorhome? Not so easy to answer, because newcomers in particular often don't know what to look for when buying a motorhome. To make the decision easier for you, we have asked and answered the most important questions in the following article. We also go into detail about the different motorhome models. For example, do you know what the difference is between a semi-integrated and a fully integrated motorhome?

Should it be a used or a new motorhome? You can also look forward to a comprehensive list of the most important tips on the subject of comfort, safety, materials and value retention. The question is always in the foreground: What kind of motorhome suits you and your needs? At the end of our article you will also find a free downloadable decision aid for your motorhome purchase!

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Things to consider when buying a motorhome

Should it be an alcove motorhome or a campervan? What exactly is the difference? And what should I look out for when buying a used motorhome? We have the answers!

Whether it's a short holiday in Germany or an adventure across Europe with many kilometres along the coast: the motorhome you choose should definitely meet your requirements. It is often not important whether it is used or new. What is important is that you know what to look for. Then you will find your dream motorhome! Did you know that a motorhome with GRP has even more advantages and can save you money?

Vacation in a camper promises freedom and adventure

For some, vacationing in a camper van is the absolute horror, for others it's a way of life. No other way of traveling smells so much of adventure, freedom and canned ravioli. But which regions are particularly suitable for a vacation in a mobile home? We asked travel experts and got some unusual travel tips in addition to traditional camper routes!

We start with destinations for a travel duration of up to one week. If it may be already two weeks, we got a few secret tips for Europe from the travel experts of DER Deutsches Reiseb├╝ro. Can you guess? We close our article with tips on camping overseas - does "Indian Summer" mean anything to you? No? Then you should definitely read on!

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Dream routes for your caravan holiday

Travelling by caravan promises freedom and adventure. Whether Germany, Europe or all over the world, we will tell you the most beautiful destinations.

Travelling by caravan is booming. But what are the best destinations in Germany, Europe and the entire world?

5 useful tips for the first caravan vacation

You simply don't want to be at the mercy of countless flight cancellations anymore? Just be able to drive off flexibly at any time - off to Croatia, Albania or Italy? A vacation in a camper van seems to be the perfect solution! But especially if you are planning a caravan vacation for the first time, the planning can be a challenge. So that you can enjoy your first camper vacation as relaxed and stress-free as possible, we have collected the most important tips and tricks for you.

First and foremost, this means taking time to plan your route. In addition, intelligent packing will help you! Ask yourself the additional question, whether he is your motorhome also all that is in it, what you will need: There it goes with the warning triangle, about a fire extinguisher to useful things in case of emergency, such as cable ties or a jumper cable. Have you also thought about outdoor equipment? Read on to make sure you don't forget anything important!

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Holiday in a caravan

A holiday in a camper needs to be properly planned. What you need to consider, why a light caravan is a good choice and 5 valuable tips for your first caravan holiday can be found here.

So that your first camping holiday is not a flop, but an exciting and at the same time extremely decelerating experience, we have 5 tips for your holiday in a motorhome!