SHEV in Shopping Centres

Glass roofs are often an architectural eye-catcher in shopping malls, but they fulfil many more functions. Smoke and heat extraction systems (SHEVS) integrated into them provide security in the event of fire.

Reading time: 3:00 min.

Holiday in a caravan

A holiday in a camper needs to be properly planned. What you need to consider, why a light caravan is a good choice and 5 valuable tips for your first caravan holiday can be found here.

So that your first camping holiday is not a flop, but an exciting and at the same time extremely decelerating experience, we have 5 tips for your holiday in a motorhome!

Reading time: 3:00 min.

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Advantages of GRP in Bus Roofs

What materials do you currently use for the cladding of your buses? Steel or aluminium? These are excellent materials, but they have some disadvantages compared to construction materials made of fibre-reinforced plastic (GRP).

Hospitals of the future

Architecture is playing an increasingly important role in the healthcare sector. The planners of the mega-hospitals in Denmark focus on one thing in particular: daylight.

New mega-hospitals are being built at 16 central locations in Denmark. An essential part of the concept is the use of natural lighting in the building.

Reading time: 4:00 min.