LAMILUX at digitalBAU 2020

How LAMILUX presented itself as a partner for daylight systems and digitalization at the first digitalBAU 2020 in Cologne and what Managing Director Johanna Strunz sees as a great opportunity.

Reading time: ca. 4:00 min.

A review of the LAMILUX Beta Camp at digitalBAU 2020

BIM Beta Workstation, Virtual Reality and a Design Thinking Workshop with Graphic Recorder were available to the visitors at the LAMILUX exhibition stand at digitalBAU 2020 in Cologne. Managing Director Johanna Strunz explained why the trade fair presence was so important, how the LAMILUX Beta Camp was - and what skylights have to do with digitalization.

„We want to support our customers with digital product data“- Johanna Strunz

Johanna Strunz at digitalBAU 2020 | insights by LAMILUX

1. Why was LAMILUX exhibitor at the first digitalBAU 2020 in Cologne?

This trade fair was an excellent opportunity to exchange information on the subject of digitalization in the construction industry. After only short consideration, it was clear to us that we would attend the trade fair not only as visitors, but also as exhibitors. We wanted to present and discuss our specific digitalization projects pertaining to the topic BIM, digital products and digital construction management with the visitors of the fair. At the digitalBAU trade fair in Cologne we therefore focused primarily on dialogue and exchange intending to continuing to live up to our customer-oriented corporate philosophy in the future. With our digitalization efforts we want to ensure that we will continue to develop in a direction that also offers the most added value for our customers.

2. What does the exhibition booth motto "LAMILUX_Beta-Camp_4.1.3" stand for?

LAMILUX exhibitio booth at digitalBAU 2020 in Cologne | insights by LAMILUX
LAMILUX booth at digitalBAU 2020 | insights by LAMILUX

Our booth gave the visitors the picture of a digital construction site. On this construction site we presented our BIM Beta Workstation with our BIM Product Configurator in its beta version for the first time. Thus, the visitors went through the entire BIM workflow with us – just like you do in reality: You configure your Glass Skylight and install it directly in the project using the CAD program. To enable the visitors at the stand to also see the incidence of light, they looked into a virtual building with LAMILUX skylights using virtual reality glasses.

A special highlight at the stand were our so-called Design Thinking Workshops, where we discussed the challenges that they repeatedly encounter in their work with our visitors. In the Ideation Process we then developed potential solutions for these issues together with them and the other participants.

3. What happened to the results of the design thinking workshops?

Design Thinking Graphics LAMILUX at digitalBAU 2020 | insights by LAMILUX

In addition to our Design-Thinking Coach, we also had a Graphic Recorder with us at the workshops that digitally illustrated and recorded the ideas and thoughts of the participants. Each participant received these in digital form immediately afterwards. Of course, we also sat down together in the company and discussed the results of the workshops after the trade fair.

That way we received impulses on how we can improve the services around our products even more – directly from the customers and for the customers.

4. Which target groups do you specifically address with this stand concept?

Since this was the first time this trade fair was held, this question was also an important one for us. That's why we focused on several target groups when designing the workshops. The workshops were addressed to everyone who has anything to do with our finished products in any way – from architects and craftsmen to building owners and investors. We received feedback on the topic BIM from the target groups who already use this technology intensively or who are not yet working with it. Especially architects, planners and general contractors are already quite familiar with the topic.

5. How does LAMILUX position itself in terms of digitalization in the trade regardless of digitalBAU?

We see digital technologies as an opportunity to live up to our promise of serving our customers as leaders in terms of innovation and problem-solving. Especially in the timber construction sector, the industry is very advanced already regarding digital planning and building. Here we would like to support craftsmen's businesses with digital product data. But also concerning the realization we see a lot of potential to provide craftsmen with an even better service around our product thanks to digital technologies. We are always very pleased when our customers seek dialogue with us, and we can work together on these approaches.