Noise Protection Standard PIEK - easily explained

There are GRP materials for loading ramps and trailer floors that can take on any noise protection regulation. May your sleep be blessed.

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How to make your truck PIEK fit for its purpose - for the nights in motion

Anyone who lives above the bakery or next to the supermarket may not be familiar with PIEK, but in any case the problem which PIEK is intended to reduce: Noisy loading and unloading of trucks in the middle of the night. There are however materials available for the loading ramps and trailer floors which can comply with every noise protection ordinance. This way truck builders make their vehicles PIEK fit for its purpose. May your sleep be blessed!


Loading creates noise. Despite how loud this noise level is, it is not only the precaution and prudence of logistics personnel which determines this. Even with the greatest of effort, loading and rolling pallet trucks make noise when they are pulled over the transport surfaces. How loud that can be is verified by countless complaints from residents and health and safety lawyers prove it - especially for the nights in motion when everything is otherwise peaceful.

2004 this resulted in the Dutch Noise Protection Standard PIEK. Easily explained: A ordinance relating to loading and unloading in residential areas during the evening and night. Other countries such as Great Britain, France, Belgium and Germany have also now adopted this noise protection standard. Since then, delivery vehicles and transport equipment which are used at night must be able to operate below 60dB. To achieve this standard, every product is acoustically tested and must not exceed the decibel limit at a distance of 7.5 metres. Support for vehicle manufacturers and transport companies is provided by materials which already possess the PIEK certificate.

The Solution: LAMILUX AntiSlip

Bike on non-slip LAMILUX Anti Slip in RV rear garage | insights by LAMILUX
Plastic sheets Variants Graining LAMILUX AntiSlip | insights by LAMILUX

The LAMILUX Anti Slip fibreglass-reinforced plastic sheet (GRP) is utilized as a floor covering layer in the cargo space or on loading ramps. And it therefore resolves two problems: On the one hand its granular and abrasion-resistant surface protects the load from sliding and, on the other hand, protects the neighbours against noise pollution. The non-slip composite material is applied as a top layer of a sandwich structure and complies with the PIEK limiting value of 60dB. Its slip resistance can even reach R11 in accordance with DIN 51130. In this way you can officially turn night into day as a friendly neighbour.


The technical manager of LAMILUX Composites, Dr. Marcus Seitz, explains the plastic material Anti Slip in an interview.

And glass fibre reinforced plastics can do even more: They make your commercial vehicles even more hygienic, UV-resistant and impact-resistant.