Do not postpone roof renovation for the industrial hall

Roof renovations of industrial halls prevent significant consequences – We explain what to consider.

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Preventing and repairing damage to industrial hall roofs

If the roof of an industrial hall leaks or is damaged, this can have considerable consequences for the production process and the health of the employees. It is best not to let it get that far by preventing and rectifying damage to the industrial hall roof. Because thinking about a roof renovation at an early stage is always worthwhile. It is very important to have a strong and reliable partner at your side who will accompany you from the beginning to the end of the roof renovation. For every trade, there are renovation specialists. If you have skylights or smoke and heat exhaust systems on the hall roof, the manufacturer of skylights, rooflight domes and continuous rooflights LAMILUX is an expert in the field of renovation. This article answers important questions on the topic: Do not postpone roof renovation for the industrial hall.

Damage due to leaking hall roofs

Building regulations and fundamentals for roof renovation of the industrial hall

Roof renovation – from the basics to completion

It must be clarified in advance what condition the old substance of the roof is in. Is complete dismantling necessary or can the existing substructure be retained? Then it's on to the preliminary and design planning. The task here is to select from the large product range of materials and manufacturers suitable for renovation. Various aspects have to be taken into account: Energy efficiency and a high level of functionality should play a special role in all components – also and especially in new skylights such as rooflight domes, continuous rooflights or smoke and heat exhaust vents.

Roof renovation with skylights

On your construction site, LAMILUX coordinates the teams involved in dismantling old skylights and installing new ones. Old constructions of your industrial hall are disposed of professionally by the company, as trained personnel are employed for all assembly and maintenance work. Even after the renovation, LAMILUX continues to look after the installed skylights and their functions as SHEV systems (smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems). For this purpose, the in-house maintenance department keeps an inspection book and applies the provisions of DIN 18232-2 within the framework of maintenance contracts.

Funding opportunities for roof renovation

In principle, the costs you incur when renovating the roof of your industrial hall are tax deductible. After all, by renovating the roof of your industrial hall, you are contributing to improving the production process and thus to generating tax revenue.  
Many banks grant modernisation loans and you should compare different offers before making a decision. The conditions can vary greatly. Furthermore, it is possible to take out a low interest loan from a credit institution. This is the Reconstruction Loan Corporation. Provided you meet the requirements, the payout is usually quick and uncomplicated.

Conclusion: Do not postpone the roof renovation of your industrial hall

The condition of an industrial hall should be in order and meet the current technical requirements. This is an important prerequisite for a smooth production process and the safety of employees. You should pay special attention to roof renovation. Tightness, sufficient thermal insulation and good lighting of the industrial hall are among the most important criteria that the hall roof must fulfil. At this point, leave nothing to chance and put your trust in a specialist.  

The manufacturer of skylights LAMILUX offers you a wide range of products for natural illumination and is your reliable partner for the renovation of skylights in the industrial hall. For example, as part of a roof renovation, their existing rooflight domes or continuous rooflights can be renewed or additional skylights can be installed. They also serve as smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems in the event of a fire, the design of which is precisely specified by law in the model industrial construction guidelines and in the fire protection report and must be fulfilled by you as the hall operator. For this purpose, LAMILUX calculates and dimensions the SHEV systems according to DIN 18232. Therefore, do not postpone the roof renovation of your industrial hall, but take care of it in good time that no nasty surprises come from above.