LAMILUX Renovation solutions

Safety in all renovation phases

Analysis – the meeting on site

  • The details of the renovation process are recorded in a checklist.
  • Together with the customer, the functional and energetic requirements for the new systems are defined.
  • Clarification of interfaces.

Basic evaluation – we find the answers to the important questions:

  • What is the condition of the old material?
  • Is the substructure still usable?
  • Is it necessary to replace the entire old structure with the new one? 

Preliminary planning and design engineering – what we offer you:

  • A large product range in terms of energy efficiency and desired functions.
  • Custom, building-specific adaptation of the skylight.
  • Highly transparent presentation of costs in a detailed, system-depicting quotation. 
  • Renovation solution according to your vision and your view of economic efficiency.

Approval planning – your skylight system takes shape:

  • We design and plan the skylight system in detail.
  • We create a binding approval drawing.
  • You receive proof of the energetic quality of the skylights.
  • We assist you with any relevant questions you might have in the approval phase.

Implementation planning – the production can start:

  • The production plans are created.
  • Production planning/ manufacturing.
  • The production process is monitored.
  • Quality control.

Installation – planning and implementation:

  • Planning and monitoring of all schedules in the construction phase.
  • Coordination of the teams responsible for removing the old skylights and substructures and installing the new systems.
  • Disposal of the old constructions.

From analysing the current situation to documentation:

  • Trained specialists perform all installation and maintenance work.
  • A survey of the condition of the SHEV systems is taken.
  • All well-known SHEV installation companies commit to supplying original replacement parts for maintenance.
  • VdS and ISO 9000 certification.
  • A detailed inspection log book is kept in accordance with DIN 18232-2 as part of the maintenance agreement.


LAMILUX renovation solutions

Checklist: Renovation of Rooflights



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