Cosy and clever motorhome design

For most campers, the motorhome is their second home. In the article, we provide tips to make the caravan more cosy and comfortable.

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Interior design for motorhomes

String lights, hanging baskets and picture frames. There are no limits to how you can decorate your own motorhome. But first of all, the most important thing: As beautiful as these decorative items may be, they are taboo while you’re on the road! The risk of unattached objects flying through the air and, in the worst case, injuring someone is too great. That's why you only use decorative items if your home on wheels is standing still! Now that we’ve clarified this, here are some trendy interior tips for your caravan and motorhome.

Trendy interior design for motorhomes

string lights in motorhomes | insights by LAMILUX

String lights

The popularity of string lights has also increased since the camper market has boomed and van life has become the hot topic. Beautiful decoration for the interior of the motorhome or outside on the awning, they not only look good for Instagram photos – they primarily create a cosy atmosphere in front of and in the caravan. However, there are a few things to consider when buying string lights, as there is a large selection to choose from. Solar string lights are best suited. They are flexible and can be used indoors or outdoors, there is no need to replace batteries, they use no electricity and thanks to the LEDs, string lights have a long service life. Speaking of LEDs: Warm light creates a cosy atmosphere, so make sure to choose warm white LED string lights when buying.

Flowers in motorhomes | insights by LAMILUX

Fresh flowers or artificial flowers

Fresh flowers on the kitchen look so pretty. So why not integrate this great decorative element into your motorhome holiday – because a study has shown that flowers actually have a positive effect on our well-being. As the table in motorhomes is often not very large, a small vase with individual flowers is of course also sufficient. Maybe you can find some in a meadow close to your pitch. If you’re afraid of knocking over the vase and pouring the water in the caravan, you can of course also take artificial flowers. Some of these look fascinatingly real.

Personal pictures

What makes a motorhome more homely than personal memories? So put as many photos as you like on the walls of your caravan. But be careful: Take care to avoid screws and nails. These can not only cause holes, but in the worst case also damage the technology and cables installed between the walls. There are a great many alternatives, but you don't have to do without the favourite photo on the wall. Double-sided adhesive material, for example, is particularly suitable for this purpose. This makes it easy to attach the picture and the best part: It can be removed without leaving any residue.

Bedding in motorhomes | insights by LAMILUX

Pillows and bedding

Cushions are probably the easiest decorative elements to bring colour and cosiness to your motorhome. Whether brightly or subtly coloured, very large or very small or in a boho style, your own taste knows no bounds. Add a matching blanket to snuggle up in the evening and the furnishings are perfect. However, cushions are usually already part of the fittings in motor homes in particular. If these patterns and colours do not suit your style, use protective covers. They have the advantage that you can integrate your own colour preferences here and, as the name suggests, they also protect the upholstery. You can buy these covers online, or you can simply use duvet covers or blankets.


Carpets not only create more colour accents, they also have an important function – they protect the floor from sunlight, sand, dust and above all from water, the biggest enemy of motorhomes. Particularly suitable for caravan holidays, especially in the entrance area, door mats that do not let moisture through. But of course, this is not essential and you can make your own choices. Carpets are available ex works and with a little skill, can be cut to the required shape. Of course, bespoke companies can create a carpet of the required dimensions. LAMILUX Composite Flooring is a smart solution to the aforementioned problems such as moisture, heat and dirt. Here, the PVC top layer is incorporated directly into the composite plastic and is permanently bonded with the carrier material. The direct bond between the PVC and the fibre-reinforced carrier material by LAMILUX Composites also eliminates the need for the additional layer of glue, which also reduces weight. 

Please note: Most walls in motor homes tend to be in light shades. However, LAMIGraph is used in some caravans. This polyester-resin-based glass fibre-reinforced laminate with high-quality decorative paper on the visible side serves as a stylish solution for numerous decor variants in the caravan interior. LAMIfoamtex also makes the design options for interior fittings endless. The composite material is based on a fibre-reinforced plastic, combined with foam and textile, whereby the soft touch can be adapted to different areas as required and is therefore installed particularly as a roof lining in the caravan. The three-dimensional structure of the material also has a positive effect on the interior acoustics: Voices sound softer and more pleasant, external sounds are insulated and the space feels as cosy as your own home.

Clever interior design for motorhomes

But the home on four wheels shouldn't just look pretty. Seasoned campers know it: Clever furnishings are the key  After all, every square centimetre counts in a motorhome and every corner should be used optimally. Here are some smart furnishing tips that not only create more space, but also increase the comfort and functionality of your motorhome.

Dishes in motorhomes | insights by LAMILUX

Melamine dishes and glass protection

Camping crockery comes in different shapes, colours and materials. First things first: Motorhome travellers should take as little porcelain and glass as possible with them. The risk of crockery and glasses breaking is too great, and incidentally: The clattering when driving will also become annoying at some point. It's better to choose melamine crockery. This is made of melamine resin, and performs impressively thanks to its light weight and high breaking strength. It is very affordable and can be cleaned in the dishwasher at up to 70 degrees. But melamine also has disadvantages. Removing stains from the dishes can be difficult. You have to find the right crockery for your needs. In addition to melamine, there are also plates and cups made of stainless steel, bioplastic, polypropylene or bamboo.

However, if you are still intent on taking real glass with you, because you don't want to be without your wine glasses, make sure you take some form of glass protector. These foam nets can be easily slipped over the glasses or bottles and prevent clinking noises and breakage.

Anti-slip mats and safety bars

As the name suggests, anti-slip mats ensure that objects stay in place as much as possible when travelling. These mats can be used in cupboards, refrigerators, drawers or shower trays. The slightly adhesive non-slip inserts are often available on a roll. They are recyclable, customisable and sound-absorbing. 

Clamping rods

Drive your motorhome over a bump in the road and the entire contents of the cupboards bounces all over the place. The next person to open the cupboard will be showered with its contents. Clamping rods provide a solution. These can be lengthened or shortened by twisting and clamped into position in the cupboard to prevent objects from falling out.  

Organiser systems

It is often difficult to keep things tidy, especially when there are more than two people in the motorhome. Organiser systems, which can be distributed throughout the camper van, provide a solution. Boxes in the cupboards provide more storage space. In this way, nothing rolls around uncontrollably, but everything has its place – whether medication, spices or electronic accessories. The only important thing is that the boxes are adapted to the size of the cabinet. Where to put your shoes? This is a question that all campers will ask themselves at some point. How about shelf inserts in your wardrobe? For small items such as magazines, sunglasses or tissues, we recommend nets or bags that can hang on hooks attached to suction cups or magnets. Jackets, towels or fruit bags can also be stored in this way.

Rear garage motorhome | insights by LAMILUX

Shelf system for the rear garage

Although the motorhome external storage locker is not actually part of the homely interior, it should also be a little tidy, as there is room for children’s camping chairs and tables, tools, spare parts and beach toys. Shelving systems that are either permanently installed or extendable are recommended. Labelled plastic boxes help you quickly find the items you are looking for. But not everything can be stored in boxes. It is therefore all the more important that nothing slides around in the external storage locker when you are on the move. LAMILUX Anti Slip is a glass fibre-reinforced laminate with an effective, abrasion-resistant anti-slip coating. This property is particularly advantageous for use as flooring in the load space or as a ramp of a caravan. LAMILUX Composites can thus be used to prevent damage caused by luggage slipping around and causing repair costs.

There are no limits to the design

Anyone who wants to can make the interior of their motorhome cosy according to their own ideas. However, it is crucial to stow heavy decorative items such as picture frames or flower vases safely while travelling, as safety is the top priority. As beautiful as an extensively decorated motorhome is, a well thought-out interior concept becomes increasingly important as you gain more travelling experience. It should keep everything organised and allow you to go on spontaneous trips without a great deal of effort or preparation. Basically, however, there are no limits to creativity when it comes to the interior design of your motorhome.