Dream routes for your caravan holiday

Travelling by caravan promises freedom and adventure. Whether Germany, Europe or all over the world, we will tell you the most beautiful destinations.

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The most beautiful caravan destinations

For some: Camping is an absolute horror, and a type of lifestyle for the other. No other way of travelling smells so much like adventure, wilderness and canned ravioli. But which regions are particularly suitable for holidays on four wheels? We interviewed travel experts and received a few extraordinary travel tips in addition to the traditional camper domiciles.

Travelling in a mobile home is booming, because the benefits are clear for everyone to see: Individuality and flexibility are essential elements when camping. Breakfast initially at 12? Dinner in jogging knickers? No problem! You can decide for yourself what your daily schedule looks like and how long you want to stay in one place with the mobile home. But where is it possible to camp particularly well? We have spoken to the travel experts from a German Travel Agency and received a lot of exciting information.

Breakfast in a camper | insights by LAMILUX

Europe - travel duration up to one week

From your front door directly into a new adventure: Anyone who is in Europe and only has one week's time available would be better to stay in one country. Germany, Austria, Poland or the Netherlands, depending on your starting point, are ideal for short holidays in camper vans or caravans, as these countries are relatively small. Fantastic mountain panorama in the Alps or a fresh breeze on the North Sea — These countries have so much to offer.

Let your soul dangle on the North Sea beach

St. Peter Ording is, for example, the only location in Germany where you can drive your vehicle directly onto the beach. It is not actually permitted to stay there overnight, but there are enough camping places available in the surrounding area. Anyone who wants to reposition their sitting room directly to the sea can do this on the North Sea coast. When you are concerned that the proximity to salt water may not be good for your mobile home, then you are well advised with an exterior wall made from the composite manufacturer LAMILUX, as their products are very weather-resistant due to the use of glassfibre reinforced plastics (GRP) and because they can also withstand the harsh North Sea air.

sunset at the North Sea | insights by LAMILUX

Europe - Travel duration up to 2 weeks

Anyone who has a little more time available will find Spain, Italy or the United Kingdom, for example, perfect. However, you should also plan for at least two weeks for these destinations.

Insider tip Northern Spain

If you think about Spain, you probably have Barcelona, Andalusia or the Balearic Islands in mind, but northern Spain also has a lot to offer. Moreover, it is not as hot and full of tourists in the Summer months as it is in the South of the country. Picturesque cliffs and nature inspire campers on the way from San Sebastián to Bilbao and Santander on the way to Santiago de Compostela. From the Basque Country on the border of France down to Galicia in northern Portugal: Drive along the “Jakobsweg” and find all the natural beauty that the spirit of camping desires on your route. Endless beaches, picturesque fishing villages and culturally rich towns — all on the 1,500 kilometre long journey (without the trip from and back to Germany). Even when the Summer months of July and August are normally the most popular travel periods for this region, a visit in June or September is also very worthwhile. With temperatures of 20 to 25 degrees, it is not quite as hot here but you are therefore far away from mass tourism. Even when exposed to high sunlight during the Summer, LAMILUX's GRP does not create any problems that your caravan will bleach or even crack and blister as LAMILUX Embossed can also withstand such strong UV radiation.

Santiago de Compostela | insights by LAMILUX

Camping overseas

Anyone who would like to combine a long-distance trip with a camping holiday will really benefit from a trip to the USA and Canada. While certain luggage restrictions must be accepted due to travelling on an aeroplane, you can still enjoy complete freedom once you arrive. In addition, most mobile home rental companies provide fully equipped vehicles.

Canada - A dream for campers

Canada, the world's second largest country, particularly offers an incomparable natural countryside and breathtaking animal world alongside the tourist metropolises of Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal. From camping bus up to, and including, luxury mobile homes, there are no limits set on the wishes of individual tourists. Route selection is a difficult subject due to the country's diversity and size, which is why sufficient time should always be invested in on planning. The most popular travel times for Canada are July/August, as it is pleasantly warm nationwide, and the so-called "Indian Summer” in October. This weather phenomenon colours leaves of decidious trees in rich orange and red tones in the East of the country, accompanied by a bright blue sky. As the size of Canada makes climatic conditions very different across the different parts of the country, there are also some routes which are easily navigable during the off-peak season. In the West, for example, Vancouver is suitable as a starting-off point for trips in Spring. After a city tour, the ferry takes you on towards Vancouver Island, where the British charm of the capital Victoria awaits you, as well as endless beaches and numerous hiking options. After returning to the mainland, you can continue your journey towards Lake Louise, probably the most photographed mountain lake in the world and the Banff National Park Banff in the Rocky Mountains. With LAMILUX X-treme, you don't have to worry about rockfalls, stone impacts and potholes in this area, because LAMILUX X-treme is the most powerful and impact-resistant composite material in the industry and provides optimal protection for the mobile home. At the end of your trip, you can then handover your mobile home in Calgary and start your journey home from there, one-way rentals are usually not a problem in Canada. However, you should plan for just under three weeks for this travel tip.

Lake Louise in Canada | insights by ALMILUX

Preparation is the key to success

Irrespective of which of our travel tips you put into practice — in order to spend a mobile home holiday as relaxed as possible, many things should have been planned and clarified before departure. Tolls, petrol costs and country-specific parking and accommodation regulations are just a few of the points which must be taken into account in order to avoid nasty surprises. Selecting the correct camper, caravan or mobile home is also part of this. What size, equipment and quality do you prefer? The utilization of GRP can also save you money, because the lighter the mobile home, the more efficient the fuel consumption is and also, with insurance, there is a discount when GRP is installed in the mobile home.