Circular Glass Skylight with special effects

LAMILUX: Options for circular skylights

The LAMILUX Glass Skylight F100 Circular has always been ventilated, but now concealed drives can also be integrated. In addition, a new type of upstand makes it possible to incline the element by three degrees. This has visual and functional advantages.

About the Glass Skylight F100 Circular

The circular Glass Skylight combines aesthetics, architectural appeal and excellent energy values. It is also very flexible in terms of size: With an upstand height of 30, 50 or 70 centimeters and a diameter of 60 to 180 centimeters, it fits into all building situations and ensures a concentrated and atmospheric incidence of light. The Glass Skylight is available with double or triple glazing and is mounted on a circular, completely heat-insulated upstand made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. Thanks to structural glazing technology, it offers a continuous transition from the frame to the glazing and thus unimpeded drainage of rainwater.

Concealed drives

The LAMILUX developers worked for a long time until they found a solution to integrate a previously angular drive into the round profile structure of the Glass Skylight. With success: The new concealed drives are currently available for circular elements with an OKD dimension of 120 and 150 centimeters. These large Glass Skylights now look even more stylish and high-quality without visible ventilation drives. That's why they are particularly suitable for architecturally appealing views.
With this innovation, it is now possible for the first time to ventilate rooms with circular Glass Skylights without having to accept visual impairments. This creates a healthy, natural building climate as well as an attractive design advantage.

Circular inclined upstand

An inclined upstand for circular Glass Skylights – this has not yet been available as a standardized solution. Since an inclined cylinder has the top surface of an ellipse instead of a circle, the laws of geometry had to be circumvented.
During development only one thing was certain: The base area and top surfaces would become perfect circles. Everything between them though, are freeform surfaces. Although this shape represents a challenge in conception and production, the Circular Glass Skylights FE and F100 from LAMILUX are now available with an inclined upstand. This creates a level water and dirt drainage.

What are the LAMILUX developers' thoughts on the Glass Skylight F100 Circular? Learn more about it in this video:

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