LAMILUX Continuous Rooflight S​ energyline

The first standard ridged continuous rooflight designed for on-site power generation

Benefits at a glance

Continuous rooflight S energyline – continuous rooflight with photovoltaics

The LAMILUX Continuous Rooflight S​ energyline combines the benefits of the shed roof version of our Continuous Rooflight S (30°/60° incline) with those of a flat roof photovoltaic system. With this skylight system we guarantee permanent energy cost savings!


  • Combination of skylight and green energy generation through sophisticated photovoltaic modules
  • Northern light shed roof with 30° incline of the PV, opaque rear of the shed roof and 60° incline in the northern light side: This allows you to take advantage of the optimum sun angle of 30° (other dimensions available on request)
  • The world’s first Continuous Rooflight with certified watertightness in heavy rain and during storms (DRI 3.0 m/s²)
  • The use of cutting-edge materials ensures that the product is completely thermally separated to meet the highest energy efficiency standards for modern industrial and administrative buildings
  • Due to innovative system components, the Continuous Rooflight can withstand the strongest wind and snow loads
  • Wide range of glazing options

Energy efficiency

  • Mullion and transom construction and flap systems are thermally separated
  • Isothermal Load Converter (ITL) – a component designed to incorporate highly thermally insulating materials in the base profile
  • Northern light side: Composite glazing adapted to building-specific energetic requirements (panel thickness between 10mm and 32mm) with low heat transmission coefficients of up to 1.2 W/(m²K)
  • Energy-efficient, natural ventilation
  • Life cycle assessment made easy: There is a comprehensive Environmental Product Declaration for the Continuous Rooflight S in accordance with ISO EN 15804


  • Bionically Dynamic Tensioning Technology (BDT) in the ridge area for flexible force/ tension compensation in the event of heavy wind and snow loads
  • Active Expansion Absorber (AEA) for absorbing expansion differences between seals and tensioning belts in the glazing bars
  • Dynamic Torque Control (DTC) to ensure perfect tensioning and secure mounting of the glazing in the flap systems
  • Modular flap systems in various sizes for perfectly dimensioned smoke extraction areas
  • Linear Burn-through Protection (LBP) to prevent the spread of fire on the roof
  • Integration of smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (SHEVs) and SHEV control panels


  • The structure features a ridged roof design which is appealing from an architectural point of view
  • Modern overall impression, innovative construction


Continuous rooflight Senergyline – continuous rooflight with photovoltaics


  • Northern light side: Translucent glazing; shed roof side with PV modules: opaque
  • Standard glazing consists of multi-layered, opal polycarbonate sheets up to 32mm in thickness
  • Highly sound insulation and chemical-resistant glazing variants are available
  • Glass-fibre reinforced polyester ensures high resistance to UV light and weathering
  • Blue translucent gelcoat guarantees a total energy transmission of approx. 33 percent
  • For the northern light shed roof version: The rears of the shed roofs can also be fitted with opaque GRP panels

Note: Ug value is determined as per DIN EN 673 (vertical installation). The profile structure's actual heat transmission values, including those of base profiles, gable wall profiles and flap profiles, are used to calculate the Continuous Rooflight's energy values. 


Flap system for shev and ventilation

Top roof edge sizeDimension xDimension yOpening surface AgeoAerodynamically effective opening area
100100530.53 m²0.32 m²
100*120530.63 m²0.38 m²
150100820.82 m²

0.49 m²

150*120820.97 m²0.58 m²
2001001111.11 m²0.64 m²
200*1201111.31 m²0.76 m²
2501001401.40 m²0.80 m²
250*1201401.65 m²0.92 m²
3001001691.69 m²0.95 m²
300*1201691.99 m²1.09 m²


Continuous rooflight Senergyline – continuous rooflight with photovoltaics

Other available accessories: Roof exit



Continuous rooflight Senergyline – continuous rooflight with photovoltaics


Top roof edge widthTop roof edge length
 6 m10 m15 m20 m25 m30 m
1 m 1.50 kWp2.25 kWp3.00 kWp3.75 kWp4.50 kWp
1.75 m1.50 kWp2.50 kWp3.75 kWp5.00 kWp6.25 kWp 
2.2 m 3.00 kWp4.50 kWp6.00 kWp7.50 kWp9.00 kWp
3.4 m 4.50 kWp6.75 kWp9.00 kWp11.25 kWp13.50 kWp
3.7 m3.00 kWp5.00 kWp7.50 kWp10.00 kWp12.50 kWp 

- custom dimensions and performance assessment per building

Technical details

Continuous rooflight Senergyline – continuous rooflight with photovoltaics

Linear burn-through protection – LBP

Energy efficiency

Optimised isothermal lines

In the LAMILUX Continuous Rooflight S, the 10°C isothermal line runs consistently through the entire structure. Our guarantee: A minimised risk of condensation forming on the inside of the structure.

Structural attachment


Continuous rooflight Senergyline – continuous rooflight with photovoltaics

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