Optimum benefit in the use of materials?


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Not all composites are alike – fibre-reinforced composites must provide maximum benefit for industry in terms of material applications while meeting all quality parameters. Robustness, appearance, durability and consistently uniform physical and mechanical properties: LAMILUX is a leader in quality, innovation and problem-solving in its sector since decades.

LAMILUX is the world's first manufacturer of fibre-reinforced composites to have voluntarily submitted its laboratory and testing facilities to inspection by TÜV Süd Deutschland and to have successfully obtained certification. The voluntary inspection by TÜV Süd Deutschland implicates compliance with stringent quality requirements. Our in-house Research and Development Department uses ultramodern laboratory equipment and simulation environments to guide our composites through all stages in their development, production and life cycles. Comprehensive material tests and analyses form the basis to perform a reliable check on the properties of LAMILUX composites and ensure their resistance and long service life. We are not satisfied until we are able to reliably deliver uncompromising, flawless quality.


LAMILUX composites

Raw materials

  • Strict specification and approval process for suppliers
  • Extensive monitoring of raw materials
  • Consequent use of optimum raw materials


  • Cutting-edge production technology and production processes
  • Material qualities which can be reproduced every time
  • Award-winning, environmentally-friendly production method


  • Greatest possible product reliability in use and long-term quality
  • Extensive product development and testing
  • World's first TÜV quality-certified manufacturer


  • Comprehensive on-site consulting in local language
  • Decades of experience in international logistics
  • International storage facilities for rapid regional delivery
LAMILUX Composites Quality

No compromises in purchasing – we base our decisions on the quality of the raw materials

Raw materials are the first link in the value-added chain and play a critical role in determining production quality for our fibre-reinforced composites. LAMILUX has been synonymous with superior product quality for decades. Our suppliers must also meet this standard: a specification and approval process lasting one to three years ensures that all requirements are met. We are proud of our global supplier network created in this way.

  • The quality of raw materials is a crucial factor for the quality of end products.
  • Suppliers must undergo a stringent specification and approval process.
  • LAMILUX benefits from a global network of superior suppliers.
LAMILUX Composites Quality

Trust is good, control is better – that is why we are consistent

Each delivery of raw materials is tested rigorously in our laboratory – after all, we need to manufacture products to a high quality standard that is reproducible at all times. This is only possible thanks to stringent controls on plastic resin. Raw materials are only approved for production if all parameters meet our predefined technical specifications. The same strict procedure applies to fibre reinforcements, colour pastes and additives. Our test applications and methods are consistently extended and adapted to keep pace with the innovative changes in fibre-reinforced polymers.

  • Consistent raw material inspection is the only way to guarantee reproducible quality.
  • Only the best raw materials are approved for production.
  • The range of test methods is extended on an ongoing basis.

Only the best composites – we believe there is an art to producing composites

Manufacturing fibre-reinforced composites to such a high level of quality is only possible thanks to our continuous production process and serves as a testament to our expertise and over 60 years of experience. We developed each stage of the process in-house and meticulously record all quality-related parameters during production. Maximum quality is assured thanks to the permanent, automated comparison of these characteristic values against specified values. 

  • Reliable delivery and short delivery periods
  • Optimally trained service and maintenance teams
  • Smooth, flawless operation day and night
  • Stable process conditions on self-developed flat sheet production lines
  • Material qualities that are reproducible at any time
  • Optimally consistent thickness

Customer value is the driving force behind our company

The development of optimum high-tech composites for successful industrial applications is a priority for us as is the tapping of all innovation potential for fibre-reinforced composites. This is the only way we can achieve our declared aim: complete customer satisfaction.

  • Technical possibilities at the highest international level
  • The best, top-qualified specialists in the sector
  • Process optimization thanks to defined Six-Sigma work groups
  • State-of-the-art production technology with optimum environmental protection concepts

Our exacting quality assurance and process management system is consistently applied, ensuring that products achieve a unique quality level.