Customized Intelligence

Serving the customer is our first priority

“For over 100 years, the driving force behind LAMILUX has been the joy we feel in inspiring our customers with innovative, sophisticated products and creative solutions and helping them to achieve success in their own businesses. Each day in our company consists of tailoring our technological developments and services to meet the needs and requirements of our customers: You are the core of our entrepreneurial approach in our company philosophy.”

Dr Heinrich Strunz, third-generation Managing Director of the LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz Group.

Customer value defines our existence and is the focus of our activities. This requires harmony, identity and a balance between customer value and company strategy. The principles that guide our company's actions and customer relations are set out in LAMILUX's company philosophy:

Customized Intelligence - What this means for LAMILUX is outstanding performance and leadership in customer-related areas, especially as:

  • A leader in quality - optimum benefit for customers
  • A leader in innovation - at the cutting edge of technology
  • A leader in service - fast, uncomplicated, reliable and friendly
  • A leader in expertise - optimum sales and technical advisory services
  • A leader in solving problems - individual, tailored solutions 

Company Guidelines

Our ideas. Our standards. Our goals.

1 Products and services

We provide technically complex solutions to specific markets. We focus on markets where we are able to achieve a substantial market share with the different means available to us. We are not concerned with becoming the biggest, but we do want to be the best. Our performance quality is best-of-breed. We provide premium quality within short lead times; we process enquiries and orders immediately, and respond flexibly to customer wishes. We are absolutely reliable, and keep our promises. Our products and services all contribute to the well-being of human society.

2 Customers

We are aware that we owe our present and future existence entirely to our customers. We aim to satisfy and inspire our customers beyond their expectations. The continuing development of our organization and our way of thinking in every single unit of the company is driven by our customers' requirements. In cooperation with our customers we strive to achieve a long-term, mutually beneficial business relationship.

3 Employees

We understand that employees make the most important contribution to the success of a company. That is why we employ the best workforce in the industry. We promote qualifications, willingness to achieve, and entrepreneurial spirit of our staff at all levels. Mutual relationships between all members of staff are characterized by politeness, understanding and mutual respect. Members of staff are committed to and enjoy their work; they identify themselves with the company and are loyal to it. An excellent working atmosphere is the basis of our economic success.
Our workplaces are attractively designed and fulfill all relevant health and safety requirements.

4 Policy

We see ourselves as a medium-sized family business. Our independence is of fundamental importance to us. The decisions we make are largely uninfluenced by third parties.
We have adopted a profit-oriented growth strategy. Our profits are far higher than the average for the sector. We make a major contribution to the development of our industry. We regard competition as a "sporting" challenge and would like to "win" by fair means. We will continue to adapt to meet changing market demands. Our company looks capable, customer-friendly, and likeable viewed from the inside or externally. Our company is attractive, ordered and professional.

5 Organisation

Our organisational structure promotes a customer-oriented, entrepreneurial approach. It focuses on the process of adding value. Each post is held by the best person for the job, and each member of staff holds the position best suited to them. Interfaces between departments are "seams" which collaborate without departmental bias to help us achieve company goals. Our organisational structure provides absolute transparency with respect to the company's profit and cost situation, product groups, and individual articles.

6 Environment

Our company is very much aware of its responsibilities towards the environment and society. Our company will continue to promote meaningful society activities. We fulfill all environmental requirements as a minimum, and act in a responsible way towards our fellow humans and the environment. We use a resource-conserving approach to our work.


A Family Business

"Family businesses are in the best position to unite tradition with modernity and move forward into the future on a basis of human virtue and a commitment to values. A strong sense of responsibility towards the company and all those who help to create value as well as towards the environment and society at large is the hallmark of our company, now managed by the fourth generation of the same family."

Dr Dorothee Strunz, Managing Partner, LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz Group


… serves as a guideline and focus for our operations at LAMILUX: in product development and production methods, product life cycles and product value. It influences our daily approach to operations and long-term, independent economic activity, investment planning and future strategies. It shapes organisational structures and recruitment, employee retention and training of young employees. Each decision in these areas is part of a long-term, accountable corporate strategy. We do not think in terms of quarters, we think in terms of generations.

A focus on values...

… is one of the key basic principles upon which LAMILUX is founded: respect, a sense of decency, humanity, recognition and performance enhancement are decisive factors in our corporate culture. Adherence to basic, confidence-building virtues such as diligence, friendliness, honesty, a sense of responsibility and ability to take criticism ensures a level of transparency which gives our employees the scope to develop their skills and abilities of their own accord within flat hierarchies. Such development does not take place within a large, anonymous organisation, but in a personal, familial environment.

Investment in the future...

… based on realistic expansion plans and market assessments are key milestones in solid company development. Over recent years, we have invested 35 million euros in expanding our production capacities and our headquarters. We see each individual project as an impulse for medium-sized company entrepreneurship which has always resulted in success. We have also seen our annual turnover sometimes increase by more than 20 per cent over the last five years.


… is increasingly given to medium-sized companies by the political class and society as a whole. Particularly in times of economic crisis, there is an increasing awareness that medium-sized companies are the stabilising force in the economy. LAMILUX has received prestigious awards in German business competitions such as "Bayerns Best 50", the "Grand Medium-Sized Business Prize" or the "Medium-Sized Business Lion" for its sustainable growth, its innovative spirit and its commitment to providing professional training for young people.

On an International level...

… family business owners have joined "FBN international – The Family Business Network" and networked within this organisation. The network's founding principles come under the title "A Sustainable Future: For our people – For our communities – For the environment – For future generations".

FBN international - The Family Business Network

Rehau – LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz Group Headquarters

Our company was founded by Heinrich Strunz in Rehau, Upper Franconia, Southern Germany in 1909, where the company still has its headquarters today. All investments in recent years are a continuation of a long tradition in loyalty towards the location and ties with our home town.

The administrative building and a large number of our production workshops and warehouses are still situated on the plot of land where our company's history began with a carpenters' workshop and a saw mill. Over the years, more and more buildings have appeared on the extensive company premises. This is where employees used to produce components for ready-to-mount timber structures – workshops and homes made of wood which found ready markets across Germany thanks to their innovative modular design.

The landscape at the site has changed time and again as buildings are demolished and new buildings constructed to meet the needs of the company's new strategies and provide parallel production for different segments in the timber and composite processing business sector.

Due to reasons of space, in 2006 LAMILUX expanded beyond its company premises for the first time when it invested in a new production line for fibre-reinforced composites almost 150 meters long and acquired land in an industrial area on the outskirts of Rehau. This additional production location was expanded further three years later when a new production workshop for rooflight domes and upstands was built.

The LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz Group

A group built on values

Overview - The LAMILUX Group


A journey through the living history of our family business


Master carpenter Heinrich Strunz founds the company in Rehau.


A sawmill is added to the company and production of ready-to-fit timber structures begins. Heinrich Strunz then secures a number of patents for these innovative constructions.


Rudolf Strunz, son of the founder, takes over the management of the company. Under his direction, the company develops into an industrially-oriented business.


The company, which had focused on timber processing up to this point, considers manufacturing products made of glass fibre-reinforced plastics (GRP) for the first time. Under the new brand name LAMILUX, the company starts to produce GRP corrugated sheeting and rooflight domes.

60s / 70s

The plastic products produced by the company in Rehau experience growing sales nationwide as well as in neighbouring countries. LAMILUX rooflight domes can be found in many sports centres and industrial buildings; transparent LAMILUX corrugated sheets provide roofing for pergolas and patios, and act as privacy screens on balconies.


Dr Heinrich Strunz becomes the third-generation Managing Director of the family-owned business.


LAMILUX launches its "Daylight Systems" division which focuses on the development and construction of continuous rooflights. In the "Fibre-Reinforced Plastics" division, production switches completely to flat sheets manufactured in a continuous process – this is the inception of modern high-tech composites.


Dr Dorothee Strunz, wife of Dr Heinrich Strunz, joins the company as a Managing Partner.


After adding aesthetically pleasing glass roof structures to its daylight systems range, LAMILUX increasingly becomes the project partner of choice for ambitious architectural showpieces. LAMILUX fibre-reinforced plastics experience increases in global demand – especially from the caravan industry and manufacturers of commercial vehicles.

2006 | 2007 | 2008

LAMILUX builds a third production line for fibre-reinforced plastics at a cost of ten million euros. For the first time, the company achieves a turnover of more than 100 million euros. LAMILUX invests nearly eight million euros in a new production hall for the manufacture of rooflight domes.


The family business celebrates its 100th anniversary.


LAMILUX invests seven million euros in expanding its production capacity for glass roof structures and rooflight domes and starts construction of a new production hall. In the same year, LAMILUX acquires Pecolit in Schifferstadt, a company with 60 employees.

LAMILUX increases its turnover to 143 million euros. This represents an increase of more than 25 per cent compared to the previous year.

LAMILUX is involved in the construction of the largest showpiece building in Italy. The company provides 640 flap systems for the new convention centre in Rome which is based on a design by leading architect Massimiliano Fuksas.


LAMILUX receives the "Product Innovation Award 2012" from internationally renowned consultants "Frost and Sullivan" for a new carbon fibre-reinforced plastic.

LAMILUX is involved in another major project for an airport. LAMILUX supplies more than 100 smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems as well as the building control technology for the new A-Plus Concourse in Frankfurt.


As the first manufacturer of daylight systems, LAMILUX develops the most energy-efficient rooflights for passive houses and successfully launches them on the market.

Global demand for LAMILUX products increases: Exports account for more than 60 per cent of sales.

LAMILUX is ranked as one of “Bayerns Best 50” for the second time.


The owners of the family business, Dr Dorothee and Dr Heinrich Strunz are “Entrepreneurs of the year 2014”. The couple receive the prestigious award from international consultants "Ernst & Young" in Berlin. LAMILUX invests more than 20 million euros in the construction of an additional administration building and new production plant for fibre-reinforced plastics at its headquarters in Rehau. Record Sales: LAMILUX achieves a turnover of 190.5 million euros with its 700 employees in 2014.


LAMILUX also wins a number of awards this year: LAMILUX receives the “German Design Award 2015” for its highly energy-efficient, passive house-certified glass roof construction. The “SME Grand Prix 2015” goes to Rehau for sustainable and responsible company management. Highlights: A 13 million euro production line for fibre-reinforced plastics is opened in the presence of the Bavarian State Minister, Dr Markus Söder. The company achieves its highest ever turnover of 210 million euros.


The number of awards won in 2016 is confirmation of the company’s success: Once again, LAMILUX features in Bayerns Best 50 and is also ranked as one of the 15 most innovative companies according the Wirtschaftswoche TOP 50. LAMILUX wins another German Design Award for its Roof Exit Hatch Comfort. LAMILUX receives the Deutscher Bildungspreis (German Education Prize) and the AusbildungsAss award for its unique educational concept “Education for Excellence”. The company MIROTEC Glas- und Metallbau GmbH is also successfully incorporated into the LAMILUX Group. LAMILUX is once again able to increase its annual turnover by roughly ten per cent and generate 230 million euros with its 850+ employees in 2016.


In 2017, LAMILUX increased total turnover from 230 to 263 million euros – A record result in company history. For the first time, turnover in the division of daylight elements passed the mark of 100 million euros, as well. The number of employees has also increased: More than 950 employees, among them 102 apprentices – a quota of 11 percent – are responsible for the success of the family business. The achievements of 2017 were once more rewarded with numerous prizes, such as the “German Design Award” or the nationwide “School Economy Prize”.



The LAMILUX Glass Skylight F100 has won two prizes in 2018: The German Design Award and the Red Dot Award. The Glass Skylight is just one of many innovative products which have enabled LAMILUX to generate an annual turnover of 317 million euros in 2018. Since the beginning of the year, the companies roda Licht- und Lufttechnik GmbH and E.M.B. Products AG are part of the LAMILUX Group. 1200 first-class employees now work for the family business, which is also reflected in several award wins: David Tröger, who completed his apprenticeship as a technical system planner, has been honored as Germany’s best apprentice, and the in-house apprenticeship concept Education for Excellence has been awarded with the German IHK Education Prize.


With Johanna and Alexander Strunz the fourth generation of the family entered the management of the company. New products like the LAMILUX Flat Roof Exit Comfort Swing, improved fall-through protection grills, concealed drives for round Glass Skylights, a fire protection glass roof with F30/REI30 certification, a ventilation panel for all mullion transom glass roofs available on the market as well as Glass Skylight FE in structural glazing construction won several German Design Awards, the Red Dot Award as well as two Plus X Awards. LAMULUX TextureWall, a plastic panel in plaster look for the paneling of module constructions has received the Pro-K-Award 2020 in the category surface systems. Moreover, LAMILUX received the third Focus Money Award for “Germany’s best apprenticing companies”, made it into the “TOP100 ranking of the medium-sized enterprises”, received place one at the nationwide “My good example 2019” in the category “Big enterprises” and the German SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT award.


The year 2020 was characterized by the challenges of the Corona pandemic. In close consultation with the health authorities, safety concepts were also drawn up at LAMILUX to protect employees and help contain the pandemic. Despite the special situation, LAMILUX was able to complete a solid business year, achieving a remarkable annual turnover of 293 million euros and maintaining its headcount of around 1200 employees. In addition, news of several awards brought great joy to the Rehau-based family business: Listed in the World Market Leader Index 2021, one of the fastest-growing medium-sized companies, digital pioneer in the construction industry, one of the most profitable construction supply companies in Germany, trailblazer in the design landscape, and a career spot that convinces.


LAMILUX continues to grow: Despite the ongoing challenges of the corona pandemic and a tense raw material situation, LAMILUX achieved the highest sales in the company's history in 2021. The company was also able to increase the number of employees by 5 percent. The now more than 1250 employees of the family-owned company generated a turnover of 335 million euros. Further milestones in the past year again were numerous awards, such as the Axia Best Managed Company Award, several German Design Awards for products from both business units or the Digital Champions Award. In addition, product launches such as the flame-retardant fiber-reinforced plastic LAMILUX FireShield® or the Flat Roof Access Hatch Comfort Square prove LAMILUX's innovative power.


In 2022, LAMILUX achieved the highest turnover and the highest number of employees since its foundation in 1909, with 392 million euros and a workforce of 1,300. Product innovations introduced convinced both customers on the market and juries of numerous renowned awards. The German Design Award-winning innovation in the area of daylight systems: The LAMILUX F100 W skylight dome, which thanks to the wave shape of the dome shell ensures better load transfer and more rigidity without using more material. In the composites sector, LAMILUX presented the world's most UV-resistant GRP cover layer, LAMILUX SUNSATION, which was crowned with three awards: German Innovation Award, AVK Innovation Award and German Design Award. And LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz Holding GmbH also had the pleasure of winning several prizes: In addition to the German Human Resources Award and the Bavaria's Best 50, LAMILUX won the nationwide SchuleWirtschaft Award for its wide-ranging work for the Hochfranken region.


Übergabe Generationen und MS78

In 2023, the company generated 354 million euros in sales and had 1,300 employees. Newly introduced products convinced customers and secured market shares. The innovation in the area of daylight systems was awarded the German Design Prize: The LAMILUX Modular Glass Skylight MS78 not only impressed the jury with its unique combination of functionality, aesthetics and technical sophistication, but has also enjoyed brisk demand since its market launch. In the field of composites, LAMILUX launched a new business unit called "Building and Construction", which focuses on the use of glass-fibre reinforced plastics as wall cladding for walls in hygienically sensitive areas. The year 2023 also saw a change of generation at LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz Holding GmbH: Dr Dorothee and Dr Heinrich Strunz handed over the management of the company to their children, Dr Alexander and Johanna Strunz. They are now the fourth generation to run the family business.

We are family!

LAMILUXaktiv promotes teamwork outside of work!

A Great Environment: We believe that an important aspect of our company’s success is ensuring that our employees enjoy working with their colleagues as part of a motivated team. We promote daily cooperation and teamwork through a wide range of joint activities which create a good working atmosphere within our company.

A dedicated team is in charge of organising creative and resourceful activities for the LAMILUXaktiv programme. By taking part in exciting company events and leisure activities outside of working hours, our employees are able to get to know each other much better. The programme covers a wide range of sporting, cultural and health-related activities in order to cater to the interests of as many employees as possible.

Excerpt from the programme: Cycling in the LAMILUX CI Classics, hiking weekend in the Watzmann mountain area, several running events and endurance training days for the running group, joint city trip to Prague and Berlin, football tournaments, go-karting, brewery tour, ice hockey games, medieval banquets, rafting, kayaking, ski weekends, colour analysis … 

Our Awards

Recognition for outstanding performance across all company divisions

In recent years, LAMILUX has received multiple prizes and awards for innovations and strategies across its divisions. Whether awarded by an internationally-renowned business consultancy, an industry association or a well-established regional newspaper publisher, every prize awarded by an independent body can usually be traced back to singular achievements which are, and continue to be, of great relevance for the successful development of the LAMILUX Group.

German Design Awards 2023

2023 LAMILUX SUNSATION®, the innovative gelcoat technology, has impressed the renowned jury of the German Innovation Awards for the second time. After last year's "Winner" award, LAMILUX SUNSATION® has now also won the "Special Mention" in the "Excellence in Business to Business - Materials & Surfaces" category. Extreme colour and gloss retention and no colour difference when removing decals from surfaces: LAMILUX SUNSATION® sets a new benchmark in the quality standard of glass fibre-reinforced plastics.

German Innovation Award 2023

German Design Awards 2023

The innovative gelcoat technology LAMILUX SUNSATION® has convinced a renowned jury for the third time: The German Innovation Award was followed by the AVK Innovation Award and now the German Design Award also crowns the world's most UV-resistant GRP face sheet with the "Special Mention" in the category "Excellent Product Design". The German Design Award is one of the most renowned design awards worldwide and enjoys an illustrious reputation far beyond professional circles. Anyone who triumphs in the face of high-calibre competition has successfully shown that they are among the best.

Logo German Design Award Special 2023

AVK Innovation Award 2022

LAMILUX Composites GmbH wins the AVK Innovation Award 2022 with its innovative gelcoat technology LAMILUX SUNSATION®. LAMILUX SUNSATION® takes first place in the category "Innovative Products and Applications". Every year, the Federation of Reinforced Plastics (AVK) awards innovations in the field of fibre-reinforced plastics. LAMILUX SUNSATION® offers up to 20 times better UV resistance for outdoor applications. The UV protection technology integrated into the GRP material is thus much more durable, requires less maintenance and thus also increases the resale value. In addition, the jury of the AVK Innovation Award was convinced by the fact that LAMILUX attaches great importance to producing in a raw material- and energy-efficient as well as environmentally friendly way.

Deutscher Personalwirtschaftspreis 2022

LAMILUX won the so called “Deutscher Personalwirtschaftspreis 2022”, an award from the field of human resources management, for its self-developed EDUCATION for EXCELLENCE (E4E) training concept. This makes the Rehau-based family business the nationwide front-runner in the "Training & Dual Studies" category, beating Continental and EnBW. In the category "Training & Dual Studies", the German Human Resources Management Award honours companies that are particularly committed to innovative and groundbreaking concepts for the next generation of professionals. E4E promotes the personality development of trainees and trains their social and key skills. The German Human Resources Award is one of the most prestigious HR awards in the German-speaking world and will be presented for the 30th time in 2022.

Logo Deutscher Personalwirtschaftspreis 2022

Architects' Darling 2022

For the third year in a row, the Architects' Darling Award honours LAMILUX with silver. In the category "Best BIM Data Offer", LAMILUX's own BIM and product configurator, which covers all the needs of an architect, once again managed to convince the jury. The product configurator particularly stood out to the jury, consisting of renowned representatives from the field of architecture, due to its simple and clear handling as well as the extensive download options. The Architects' Darling was lost for the twelfth time on 9 November in Celle, Lower Saxony, and honours the "darlings of the building industry".

Logo Architects' Darling Award 2022

Bayerns Best 50

For the fifth time, LAMILUX is one of the 50 fastest-growing medium-sized companies in Bavaria. Minister of Economic Affairs Hubert Aiwanger presented the "Bayerns Best 50" award to the two managing directors Dr Dorothee and Dr Heinrich Strunz at Schleißheim Castle. The family business has already received this honour in 2011, 2013, 2016, 2019 and now 2022. According to the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy, LAMILUX is one of the 50 best companies in Bavaria that seek out new opportunities for growth and employment, consistently exploit them and thus form the backbone of the economy.

Top Supplier 2021

The EUROBAUSTOFF Roof & Façade specialist group names LAMILUX "Top Supplier 2021". Both in the category "Sales", "Specialist trade support", "Service & Logistics" as well as in the category "Behaviour in the Corona Pandemic", LAMILUX was able to assert itself against the strong competition and take first place. The special thing about the "Top Supplier 2021" award: a direct assessment by customers decides the winner. For LAMILUX, this is an extreme incentive to continue to work as customer-oriented as before, to always offer smooth sales cooperation as well as optimal delivery performance, and to inspire the partners in the specialist trade beyond the expected level of LAMILUX through lived specialist trade loyalty.

Architects' Darling 2021

All good things come in threes! In 2021, LAMILUX wins in three different categories at the Architects' Darling awards. Not only does the manufacturer of skylight systems win silver in the product awards in the two categories "Glass and Glass Structures" and "Skylight Systems/Roof Lighting", but also in the jury awards. Here LAMILUX scores in the category "Best BIM Data Offer". In a total of 38 categories, the best building product manufacturers were chosen with the Architects' Darling in 2021. For the product awards, Heinze Market Research conducted an independent survey on new product categories among up to 100,000 German architects and planners. In addition, other overarching marketing disciplines were honoured with the Jury Award by a top-class jury.

Digital Champions Award 2021

After the Architects' Darling as well as the German Innovation Award, LAMILUX also wins the Digital Champions Award 2021 in the category "Digital Customer Experience" with its BIM and product configurator. The award shows: LAMILUX makes the lives of its customers easier through the digital customer experience and, as a medium-sized company, is fit for the future. The Digital Champions Award is a joint initiative of Telekom and WirtschaftsWoche and aims to award projects of medium-sized companies that use new technologies and to bring the most significant projects to the attention of a broad public.

Red Dot Award 2021

This is the fourth time that the Red Dot Award has honoured a LAMILUX product for outstanding design quality. The LAMILUX Flat Roof Exit Comfort Square convinced the jury with its stylish appearance, which it owes to the skilful interplay of form and function, and the advantage that the square Flat Roof Exit positively influences the energy efficiency of buildings. This is how the international jury of the Red Dot Award, which awards the coveted seal of quality, describes it. The long evaluation process of the award is based on various assessment criteria, in all of which the LAMILUX flat roof exit Comfort Square proved its strengths. These include, among others, degree of innovation, functionality or durability.

German Innovation Award 2021

After the Architects' Darling, the LAMILUX BIM and product configurator also wins the German Innovation Award - in two categories at once, both in the category "Design Thinking" and "Excellence in Business to Business - Information Technologies | Industry Specific and Service Software". The German Innovation Award honours cross-industry products and solutions that distinguish themselves above all through user-centricity and added value compared to previous solutions. Because: Innovations that shape the future and improve life exist in all industries and the LAMILUX BIM and product configurator is right at the forefront as a digital pioneer in the construction industry. LAMILUX has developed the digital product configurator to offer architects, planners or roofers maximum convenience in the independent configuration of daylight systems. With its innovative functions, the LAMILUX BIM and product configurator convinced the top-class jury of independent, interdisciplinary experts from industry, science, institutions and finance.

Logo German Innovation Award 2021

AXIA Best Managed Company 2021

LAMILUX is one of the best managed companies in Germany. This is confirmed by the top-class jury of the Axia Best Managed Companies Award (BMC). The BMC programme is a competition run by Deloitte Private, WirtschaftsWoche, Credit Suisse and BDI in Germany and a seal of quality for successful medium-sized companies. In a multi-stage application process, the companies were put through their paces. The focus was on strengths, potentials and challenges in the four areas of strategy, productivity and innovation, culture and commitment as well as governance and finance. From the development of forward-looking strategies and innovative processes to corporate governance structures and a healthy corporate culture: LAMILUX convinced the renowned representatives from business, science and the media in all four core areas. This award honours LAMILUX as a pioneer in all key areas of corporate governance.

Logo BMC Award

Construction Top 50 2020

LAMILUX is one of Germany's fastest-growing and most profitable construction supply companies. This is the result of a study by the international strategy consultancy Munich Strategy. More than 800 medium-sized construction suppliers were examined for the evaluation. The basis of the evaluation is the growth and earnings power of the companies over a continuous period of five years. LAMILUX is well above the average of its competitors, with sales growth of 12.7 percent recorded in 2015-2018/19, sales in 2019 of 305 million euros and more than 1,200 salaried employees. In 2020, LAMILUX ranks among the "Bau Top 50 2020" not only nationwide, but also across all industries with a 13th place, making it one of the leading top German construction suppliers.

Logo Munich Strategy

German Design Awards 2021

LAMILUX is a double winner of the German Design Award 2021, and two products are convincing in the "Excellent Product Design" category. One is the LAMILUX Glass Skylight FE 3° and the LAMILUX TextureWall. The skylight with its 3° inclination and outstanding design convinced the jury so much that it was awarded the Special Mention. In addition to LAMILUX's daylight systems, which have won several awards, a composite is now for the first time among the winners of the German Design Award. The LAMILUX TextureWall convinced the jury with its outstanding design quality. The German Design Award honours innovative products and projects that are pioneering in the German and international design landscape. The top-class international jury honours their manufacturers and designers with this prize.

Logo German Design Award Special 2021

Architects' Darling Award 2020

LAMILUX is a digital pioneer in the German construction industry. At this year's Architects' Darling awards, the LAMILUX Product Configurator impressed as an innovative and digital solution for the construction industry and won silver in the category "Best BIM Data Offer". Building Information Modeling is a method for intelligent handling of building and component information from the initial idea to dismantling. Architects in particular benefit from the possibilities of the LAMILUX Product Configurator. This was also the opinion of the Architects' Darling jury, which comprises media and communication experts and renowned representatives of international architectural firms. This year the prize was awarded to the "darlings of the construction industry" for the tenth time. 

Logo Architects‘ Darling Award 2020

German Design Award 2020

LAMILUX won no less than three awards at the German Design Awards 2020. The three daylight systems could hardly be more different, but they all won the German Design Award in the "Building and Elements" category: The Glass Skylight F100 Circular with concealed chain drive and the Glass Roof PR60 ventilation flap received the Winner award, while the Flat Roof Exit Comfort Swing for roof terraces was awarded the Special Mention. For the fifth time in a row, LAMILUX has thus convinced the jury, consisting of renowned economic and scientific experts, who annually present the German Design Award to products with pioneering design.

Logo German Design Award Winner 2020

Rexx Recruiting Award 2020

At the nationwide rexx Recruiting Award in Hamburg, LAMILUX achieves third place for the "WE BURN" campaign. The campaign around the career spot "We Burn" has been running since autumn 2019 in the cinemas in Hof and Plauen and was played out in elaborate social media campaigns. In the spot, employees show how they burn for their hobbies and their job. The campaign was a great success and convinced the rexx Recruiting Award jury. The rexx Recruiting Award honours recruiters and personnel marketers who are particularly innovative in their search for employees and are therefore successful.

Logo Rexx Recruiting Award 2020

Official Global Market Leader

LAMILUX Composites GmbH is one of the official global leaders. The designation „global market leader“ stands for globally active and successful companies across all industries, most of them with leading technologies and outstanding quality of their products and services. The Global Market Leader Index of the St. Gallen University and the Academy of German Global Market Leaders. LAMILUX Composites is listed as the leader in its sector, making it one of the "500 secret global market leaders 2021". The decisive factors were the number of employees, turnover, export share and the extent of worldwide sales.

[Translate to English:] Logo Weltmarktführerindex

One of the fastest-growing medium-sized companies in 2020

LAMILUX is one of the 100 fastest growing medium-sized companies in Germany, which the „Handelsblatt“ identified based on 3 factors: Growth strength, innovation and resilience. For this purpose, the Munich Strategy Group issued a ranking based on average growth from 2015 to 2019. They considered the turnover and EBIT margin of more than 5000 companies with a turnover between 10 million and 1 billion euros. LAMILUX ranks 66th in the 2020 ranking and thus achieved a significant increase compared to the previous year 2019, in which it ranked 90th.


LAMILUX Composites GmbH has been listed at the world market leader index since Januar 2020. A research team from the university of St.Gallen is collecting data about companies from publicly available sources. A world market leader champion must refill the following conditions: a management with headquarter at least with 50 percent in the D-A-CH region, a production or sales activities on at least three continents, be number 1 or 2 market leader in the relevant global market segment, an annual turnover of at least 50 million euros and an export quota of at least 50 percent.

Logo Weltmarktführerindex

Pro K Award

The fibreglass reinforced plastic TextureWall is an alternative to the conventional plaster façade and revolutionizes the prefabricated module construction – and has now been awarded a prize as “outstanding premium product” by the jury. Since 1979, this competition awards prizes to young, creative and functionally designed plastic products.


TOP100 ranking of medium-sized enterprises 2019

Again this year, LAMILUX can be happy about a placement in the ranking of the Munich Strategy Group. With a growth rate of 10.6 percent and a profit rate of 9.5 percent during the years 2014 through 2018, the family business achieved place 90. According to Dr. Sebastian Theobold, responsible for the ranking, this shows, that the enterprise is well-positioned for the challenges during the year 2020.


Focus Money Award

The Germany-wide award „Germany’s best jobs with perspective“ last year is now followed by another award from Focus Money for LAMILUX:
The label “Germany’s best apprenticing companies”. In the course of a study, Deutschland Test and the business magazine Focus-Money scrutinized the training quality of the 20,000 German enterprises with the highest number of employees. According to the study, LAMILUX attaches great importance to the next generation of qualified employees. The fact that the Rehau family company lives up to this title is demonstrated, among other things, by the high number of apprentices: The company currently employs a total of 111 apprentices.



The family business located in Rehau has once again received the nationwide SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT award that they received before in 2017. The award as best medium-sized enterprise was presented to LAMILUX by the parliamentary secretary Christian Hirte in Berlin on 9 December. With this, the network SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT particularly acknowledged the engagement of the medium-sized enterprise at the job information fair Contacta Upper Franconia.


TOP100 ranking of medium-sized enterprises 2018

From more than 3,500 medium-sized enterprises, LAMILUX was elected among the TOP 100 of the year 2018. The ranking was obtained from the study of the consulting company Munich Strategy Group, that has honored the 100 “Growth and earnings stars of the medium-sized enterprises” for the last nine years.

Bayerns Best 50

LAMILUX, a Rehau-based family business, is once again one of the 50 fastest-growing medium-sized companies in Bavaria. Economics Minister Hubert Aiwanger handed over the award "Bavaria's Best 50" to the two managing directors Dr. Dorothee and Dr. Heinrich Strunz in Schleißheim Castle – already for the fourth time. According to the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy, LAMILUX is one of the 50 best companies in Bavaria to identify new opportunities for growth and employment, make consistent use of them and thus form the backbone of the economy. 

Red Dot Award 2019

The Glass Skylight FE was recently awarded with the Red Dot Award in the category Product Design 2019. LAMILUX received the coveted award for the third time. Professor Dr. Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of Red Dot: "I would like to congratulate the winners on their great success. The fact that their products were able to withstand the strict judgement of the jury, is a proof of their excellent design quality. The winners are thus setting decisive trends in the design industry and showing where things can go in the future."

Plus X Award 2019

The Plus X Award honours brands for the quality and innovative advantage of their products. LAMILUX convinced twice with its new Glass Skylight FE: the jury awarded the prize for "Innovation, High Quality, Design, Ease of Use and Functionality" and the special prize "Product of the Year" for the skylight.

Inclusion in the Familienpakt Bayern

"We are Family": LAMILUX is strongly committed to balancing family and career, which is the reason the family-owned company has been a member of the Bavarian Pact for Family since 2019. The Bavarian Pact for Family is dedicated to the creation of family-friendly conditions and aims to honour and support family responsibility. Through flexible working hours, individually adapted part-time models and flexible vacation and planned breaks, LAMILUX makes it possible to optimally combine family and career. The opening of our day-care center LamiKita mid 2020 is another big step in the continuous expansion of the family-friendly structures of the Rehau-based company.   

German Design Award 2019

LAMILUX has been honoured with its fourth German Design Award – This time, the new LAMILUX Glass Skylight FE has received the prestigious award. The rooflight won in the category of “Building and Elements”. The new LAMILUX Glass Skylight FE is a milestone for the product development at LAMILUX. It offers an innovative frame profile and thoughtful design elements with many additional benefits for architects, builders and end users.

IHK Bildungspreis 2018

LAMILUX has won the national "IHK Bildungspreis 2018" (Chamber of Commerce 2018 Education Award) for its self-developed training concept EDUCATION for EXCELLENCE (E4E). This makes the family-run Rehau business the leader among companies with more than 500 employees. E4E promotes the development of its trainees’ personality and trains them in social and key skills. The project partners should benefit from the prize money of € 6,000.

German Design Award 2018

It is the third time that LAMILUX has received the popular German Design Award in the category “Building and Elements”. With its innovative F100 Glass Element in round design, the Upper Franconian daylight specialist was the convincing winner. The internationally renowned award acknowledges LAMILUX’s efforts to create an extraordinary design for unique daylight elements. The Glass Elements in round design particularly highlight excellent comfort, thermal protection and energy efficiency.

SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT Enterpreis Award 2017

LAMILUX was awarded the 2017 SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT-Preis (school and industry award) for the company’s extensive social engagement. This year, the jury received around 100 applications from extremely committed schools, companies and publishing houses from all over Germany for the nationally coveted prize. LAMILUX was deemed to be the best medium-sized company in the category “Company” due to its work on projects such as “Coding Kids”, “MINT Region”, “X-MAS Reunion” and “Contacta Hochfranken”.

Inclusion in bavaria’s map of digital champions

LAMILUX is now on “Bavaria’s Map of Digital Champions”: The Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Media, Energy and Technology has appointed LAMILUX as one of Bavaria’s digital champions in the category “Digital business models” for their outstanding and exemplary work. LAMILUX was commended for its virtual product models for daylight systems and building control solutions which the company offers planners, architects and building owners for optimised planning. Minister of State Ilse Aigner published “Bavaria’s Map of Digital Champions” at the 2017 Digital Congress of Bavaria.

German Design Award 2017

Exclusive living, personalised luxury, elegant design: The LAMILUX Roof Exit Hatch Comfort combines these three features. LAMILUX recently received the “German Design Award 2017” for this daylight system. The elegant, single-leaf roof exit hatch offers previously unprecedented light incidence and convenient roof access for exclusive penthouse apartments. The versatile system is also available in a wide range of designs as a pure flat roof window.


The LAMILUX Group from Rehau received the German Training Award for the category “Industry, trade and services”. Each year, the German Training Award is given to companies and initiatives who make a significant contribution to the training and development of young people.

"Bayerns Best 50" 2016

In 2016, the family-owned company LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz Group, Rehau, received already for the third time – besides 2011 and 2013 – the award for BAVARIA’S BEST 50 and thus ranks among the fastest-growing medium-sized companies in Bavaria. This award is offered by the Bavarian Ministry of Economics and honors entrepreneurs who identify new opportunities for growth and employment with the view to implementing them consistently. By LAMILUX an unprecedented and sustainability-geared training concept, called “Education for Excellence®” comes to the fore. It goes beyond promoting solely professional qualifications. It additionally pursues the aim to support the personal development of apprentices as well as to stand up for their professional and private lives. 

German education prize 2016

The greatest prize for entrepreneurial achievement in training and education in Germany went to LAMILUX, who was up against “big players” such as Porsche. LAMILUX received the German Education Prize in the category “Innovation” for exemplary implementation of practical quality standards in education and talent management.


The LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz Group won the Oskar-Patzelt Foundation “SME Grand Prix 2015”, one of the most sought after business awards in Germany. LAMILUX was one of the 13 winning companies from the participating regions of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and Thuringia. A further 23 companies were honoured as finalists.

German Design Award 2015

LAMILUX receives the “German Design Award 2015” for their glass roof with the highest Passive House efficiency class. LAMILUX entered its glass roof structure LAMILUX CI System Glass Architecture PR60energysave into the prestigious design competition. With its customisable design, the glass roof system meets the top Passive House standard (phA advanced component).

LAMILUX company bosses named „Entrepreneur of the Year 2014“

The company made news last year by making it to the final round – and now it has been announced winner of the prestigious business prize: LAMILUX – in particular the company’s bosses Dr Dorothee and Dr Heinrich Strunz – received the award “Entrepreneurs of the Year 2014” in Berlin.

LAMILUX declared a “top innovator”

Rehau – for over 20 years, the “Top 100” has been a seal of innovation, a thirst for knowledge and team spirit. On 27 June, the most successful think tanks in Germany will receive this coveted award. “Top 100” mentor Ranga Yogeshwar will present the awards to the companies at the German SME Summit in Essen. The founder of the “Top 100”, compamedia, expects more than 1000 guests will attend the event. LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz Holding GmbH & Co. KG from Rehau is one of the top innovators.

LAMILUX in the final round of the competition “Entrepreneur of the year 2013”

Impressive growth, strong innovation and social commitment: This will be the 17th time the international audit and consulting firm Ernst & Young (EY) will choose Germany’s best SME. After a rigorous multi-level selection stage, 58 companies have made it into the final of the “Entrepreneur of the Year 2013” competition, including family entrepreneurs Dr Dorothee und Dr Heinrich Strunz.

AVK Awards new quality seal to LAMILUX

LAMILUX was the first German company to receive the Innovation Prize 2012 from Industrievereinigung Verstärkte Kunststoffe (AVK) as a “Particularly attractive employer". The industry association commended the efforts and achievements of LAMILUX in its development and implementation of sustainable HR strategies. “This company is based on a set of binding values” emphasised Dr Gerd Esswein at the award ceremony. LAMILUX continues to pursue the goal of promoting the knowledge and skills of all employees on an individual level and in so doing laying the foundations for independent action.

Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award 2012

The international consultancy Frost & Sullivan, London awarded LAMILUX the New Product Innovation Award 2012. The renowned market and industry analysts commended LAMILUX on their development of a new carbon fibre reinforced plastic. “The characteristics and properties of the CFRP plates which are produced in a large-scale industrial process and are therefore very attractive in terms of price are testament to LAMILUX’s capacity for product innovation”, said Dr Leonidas Dokos, Chief Chemicals and Materials Analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT enterprise award 2012

LAMILUX received the award from the Federal Association SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT for its outstanding commitment in SCHOOL-BUSINESS networking. The purpose of the competition “Mein Engagement macht Schule”, which is held under the auspices of the Federal Minister of Economic Affairs and Technology, is to praise the winners of the “SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT Enterprise Award” for providing students with valuable information and advice through offering company visits, work placements, practical projects or application training sessions.

AVK innovation prize 2012
“particularly attractive employer”

LAMILUX was the first German company to receive the Innovation Prize 2012 from Industrievereinigung Verstärkte Kunststoffe (AVK) as a “Particularly attractive employer". The industry association commended the efforts and achievements of LAMILUX in its development and implementation of sustainable HR strategies. “This company is based on a set of binding values” emphasised Dr Gerd Esswein at the award ceremony. LAMILUX continues to pursue the goal of promoting the knowledge and skills of all employees on an individual level and in so doing laying the foundations for independent action.

“Bavaria’s Best 50” 2011

LAMILUX is one of the fastest growing, family-owned companies in Bavaria and therefore received the prize “Bavaria’s Best 50” in 2011. “They have shown great stability over the last five years and have continued to evolve”, said Martin Zeil, Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs, at the award ceremony. In addition to strong growth, “Bavaria’s Best 50” recognises efforts made in training young people.

Deli Trophy supplier prize 2011

The caravan and mobile home manufacturer Dethleffs awarded LAMILUX the 2011 DeLi Trophy supplier prize in the category “Advantage”. The reason: LAMILUX provides services based on cooperative partnership, focusing on cost management, delivery conditions, identification of potential savings and continuity in both product quality and service. Dethleffs uses fibre-reinforced plastics created by LAMIlUX to produce caravan roofs and side walls. 

Verstärkte Kunststoffe (AVK)
innovation award in the category “environment” 2008

Award winning environmental technology at LAMILUX: A waste air purification system removes waste air containing styrene which is generated during the production of fibre-reinforced plastics and takes it to a combustion process. Hot water is generated from this release of energy which is used in the plastic hardening process on the production line. This technical solution reduces oil and gas consumption by 50 per cent.

SME lion 2006

In 2006 LAMILUX received the “SME Lion” award from Sparkasse Hochfranken and Frankenpost in the category “Product”. The company won the award for their “LAMILUX CI System Continuous Rooflight B” daylight system. “With this product, LAMILUX managed to combine fire protection, personal protection, noise protection and extreme energy efficiency”, said Hans Homrighausen, Managing Director of Frankenpost, at the award ceremony.

SME Lion 2003 in the category “person”

In 2003, LAMILUX won both the Reader’s Choice and Jury Prize for the first “SME Lion” in the category “Person” which was awarded by Sparkasse Hochfranken und Frankenpost. This award serves as “recognition for exemplary SMEs who motivate others though their activities”, it was said during the award ceremony. LAMILUX let their trainees handle the entire application process and won the award for their high training quotas as well as the amiable and harmonious atmosphere in the company.