LAMILUX Continuous rooflight B

The world's first continuous rooflight with certified watertightness

Benefits at a glance

Continuous Rooflight B

Energy efficiency

  • Perfect heat insulation with European approval for use
  • Integrated, modular sytem which consists of many perfectly matched and innovative individual components
  • The internal and external metal components, both in the load-bearing structure and in the flap systems, are completely thermally separated from one another.
  • Use of the isothermal load converter (ITL) – a component for the use of material with excellent heat insulation properties at the anchor point
  • Composite glazing with extremely low thermal transmittance coefficients
  • LCA made easy: For our Continuous Rooflight B there is an comprehensive product declaration according to ISO EN 15804
  • Blower door tested: Suitable for airtight building envelopes with a maximum air permeability of 6.5m³/( h•m) at a differential pressure of 50 Pascal

Stability, safety & shevs

  • The world's first continuous rooflight with audited watertightness under heavy rain and storm (DRI 3.0 m/s²)
  • Effective ventilating action with the Smoke Lift continuous rooflight B (DIN EN 12101-2), as a double or single flap
  • In case of fire, they are quickly opened by means of thermal release, thermal and CO2 remote release or electric remote release
  • All smoke and heat exhaust systems can also be combined with ventilation systems
  • Extremely stable when open guaranteed by spring-loaded multiple joint traverses connected directly to the flap construction
  • Optional: Glazing made of glass-fibre reinforced polyester is highly resistant to UV light and weathering due to its special material characteristics

Tested & certified

European Technical Approval - ETA:
The test assessment for the Continuous Rooflight B is based on the approval guidelines drawn up by the European Organisation for Technical Approval (ETAG). The approval issued to LAMILUX takes into account all key product features needed to comply with the building regulation requirements in individual EU countries.

General Technical Approval:
German General Technical Approvals (ABZ) are issued for all German Federal States by the German Institute of Building Technology (Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik - DIBt). This certificate verifies that a construction product meets the technical requirements for its use.

The LAMILUX certificate of quality:
We thus submit evidence which confirms that our skylights are consistently manufactured and implemented in accordance with product approvals and the technical standards specified in the approvals.

Test report and european admission

  • Complies with European standards regarding snow and wind loads
  • Thermal protection properties tested in accordance with ETAG 010
  • Watertightness likewise tested in accordance with ETAG 010
  • Burn-through safety verified in accordance with DIN 18234-3
  • Fire behaviour in glazing classified according to DIN 4102-2 and EN 13501-1
  • Melt-out of glazing verified in accordance with DIN 18230-1
  • Glazing tested as a “hard roofing” in accordance with DIN 4102-7
  • Smoke and heat exhaust systems tested and classified as single- and double-flap systems in accordance with EN 12101-2
  • Certified antifall grid in line with GS Bau 18 as a permanent fall-through protection


Continuous rooflight B

Glazing types

  • Our own 32 mm thermal composite: Low flammability combined with excellent thermal insulation
  • Optimum glazing for all requirements, such as sound and thermal insulation, light transmittance and chemical resistance
  • Multi-layer, opal polycarbonate panels (glare-free) offered as standard
  • Clear panels at no extra charge
  • Possible to add sun protect (partly)
  • "Hard roofing" possible – combined with melt-out surface
  • GF-UP + GF-UP glazing variations upon request

Note: Ug value is determined per DIN EN 673 (vertical installation). The profile structure's actual heat transmission values, including those of base profiles, gable wall profiles and flap profiles, have to be used to calculate the Continuous Rooflight's energy values.

Flap systems for SHEV and ventilation

Ventilation Flap BE Single Flap
Sealing System Ventilation Flap BE Single Flap

Large Ventilation Flap BE Single Flap

TypeOpening surface Ageo
100/1000,93 m²
100/2001,96 m²
125/1001,17 m²
125/2002,26 m²
150/1001,43 m²
150/2002,45 m²

Smoke Lift Continuous Rooflight B

Can be supplied as a single flap system or as symmetrical or asymmetrical double flap system (more information here)


Continuous Rooflight B

Other available accessories: Assembly opening, roof exit hatch, partition wall, blower door

Technical details

Continuous Rooflight B

Linear burn-through protection – LBP

Effect: In most cases, the roofing membrane, which is attached to a substructure such as a frame, is pulled up to the upstand and is led under the base profile of the Continuous Rooflight. In the event of a fire inside the building, the roofing membrane on the inside of the upstand will often catch fire and will tend to burn like a “fuse” to the outside of the roof.
Linear Burn-through Protection can be understood as an intelligent system, which restricts the spread of the fire at the roof penetrations. The profile of the Continuous Rooflight plays an important role: It is made of a thermoplastic composite, which softens on the upstand in the event of high temperatures and spreads directly over the burring edge of the roofing membrane. This process seals the burning joints, cutting off the supply of oxygen and extinguishing the flames in the area.
Benefit: The LBP prevents flames from spreading to the roof. Despite it softening at high temperatures, the base profile remains stable during the fire because it is cooled and strengthened by the metal profile of the glazing bead.

LBP – Sophisticated fire protection technology

  • Prevents fire from spreading onto the roof through roof penetrations in accordance with specifications in DIN 18232-4
  • Patented technology
  • No need to place gravel around the Continuous Rooflight

Energy efficiency

Optimised isothermal lines

In the LAMILUX Continuous Rooflight B, the 10°C isothermal line runs consistently through the entire construction. Our guarantee: A minimised risk of condensation forming on the inside of the construction.

The comprehensive thermal protection technology throughout the construction ensures the best Uw values in the European-approved Continuous Rooflight. The energy efficiency properties have been tested and verified in accordance with ETAG 010. This ensures that the consistent insulation properties in the Continuous Rooflight profile are documented. In the event of an order, the Uw values are calculated on a cost-neutral basis, and this calculation is confirmed with the certificate of quality.

Structural attachment

  • Roof mounting variants include mounting on steel sheeting upstands, on wooden trusses or reinforced concrete upstand beams
  • Stability is of primary concern with LAMILUX's own steel sheet upstands; LAMILUX complies with the requirements of the German Institute for Building Technology (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik), according to which sheet steel upstands must be manufactured using high steel grades S 280 GD + Z 275 or S 320 GD + Z 275
  • Connection details: Sandwich roof in accordance with IFBS guidelines


Continuous rooflight B

Continous Rooflight



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Continuous Rooflight B

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Continuous Rooflight B Passivhaus

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EPD Continuous Roofligth B / - S

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