Domed rooflights for customised skylight solutions

Diversity and flexibility combined on the industrial roof

From standard industrial rooflights to complex special solutions – LAMILUX dome rooflights are the classic option for flat roofs and the basic product among skylights. With customised features, the largest number of standard sizes available on the market and a wide variance of upstands, our dome rooflights offer flexibility, quality, energy efficiency, ease of use, and service for demanding industrial roofs. Thanks to a multiple sealing system and up to four layers of plastic glazing, the LAMILUX domed rooflight is a true energy miracle. The warp-resistant border frame and the thermally insulated upstand made of glass-fibre reinforced composite also contribute to its considerable heat insulation performance. The upstand is a key component in the whole rooflight dome system. Constantly further developed in terms of stability and heat-insulating properties, the upstand forms the base for the structure. We manufacture our GRP upstand in fibre composite as a one-piece moulded element. It is torsion resistant and delights customers with its seamless appearance, long-lasting durability thanks to corrosion and weather resistance, and energy efficiency thanks to thermal bridge-free construction and complete insulation. In addition, our customers appreciate the short delivery times thanks to our in-house upstand production and the simple assembly enabled by completely pre-assembled delivery of upstand and top section.

Our complete rooflight package is rounded off by the variety of glazing options. For optimal daylight supply of the building, our customers can choose from individual glazing systems. These increase the well-being of building users thanks to the natural incidence of light whilst benefiting a reduction in the electricity costs for electric lighting. LAMILUX flat roof domes set new standards in terms of health and safety in industrial buildings. The skylights provide glare-free daylight illumination of the rooms, natural fresh air supply and, through integrated smoke and heat exhaust ventilation units (SHEVs), safety in case of fire. Daylight and fresh air are firmly anchored components in legal workplace regulations, as increased daylight incidence and regular ventilation promote the concentration of workers and create a healthy indoor climate. Additional SHEV units integrated into the dome rooflights dissipate toxic smoke and harmful gases in the event of fire and keep escape routes smoke-free. In this way, our skylights create a healthy and safe working atmosphere. Our product portfolio includes several rooflight dome variants – for individual, precisely fitting solutions on the industrial flat roof.

Choose the right domed rooflight for you

LAMILUX rooflight domes – Greater stability, greater design and greater comfort

Rooflight F100 W

Rooflight F100 W

The new standard for the industrial flat roof

High level of stability under heavy loads

Reliable solution for all extreme weather conditions

Optimum thermal insulation with a U-value of up to 1.3 W/(m²K)

Can be combined with smoke and heat exhaust ventilation units (pneumatic and electric)

Greater safety on the roof thanks to 7 different fall-through protection grid variants

Available in over 50 sizes

Rooflight F100 Circular

LAMILUX Rooflight F100 Circular

Design highlight for the industrial flat roof

Promotion of a healthy indoor climate and pleasant working atmosphere

Achieves thermal insulation values of up to 1.3 W/(m²K)

Electrical ventilation options

Can be combined with lasered fall-through protection grid for greater safety on your roof

Available in 7 sizes and with 3 different opening variants

Greater stability and safety under heavy loads,

greater comfort during installation

– our rooflight domes

Trust in 70 years of expertise

For energy-efficient and fire-safe buildings

We are your reliable partner

For every building project and in all weather conditions

Natural daylight illumination,

optimal fresh air supply for a healthy indoor climate

in industrial buildings – our rooflight domes