GRP in the construction industry

Modular facades with plaster look: safe, durable and robust

LAMILUX specialises in the production of fibre-reinforced polymers based on polyester and epoxy resin, which are used in various fields of application as a face sheet for sandwich panels or as panels in the construction industry. The balanced colour effect and durability of the fibre composite panels is the result of a technologically sophisticated, quality-oriented flat sheet production process. LAMILUX Composites is Europe's leading manufacturer of fibre-reinforced plastics with 60 years of market and production experience.

LAMILUX Composites in Construction

Advantages of GRP

  • A variety of architectural design options
  • Possible installation of backlighting or light effects
  • Translucency
  • Large colour palette (up to metallic colours) for an extensive selection of applications
  • Higher corrosion and hail resistance than aluminium
  • Large panel formats
  • Noteworthy UV and weather resistance by virtue of the application of a protective gel coat
  • Food approvals according to HACCP standard
  • Simple and easy further processing
  • Easier cleanability than metals

Fields of application in construction

Aesthetics - Design – Efficiency - Function

Our fibre-reinforced plastics are used as facade panels, as room solutions, in agricultural halls and buildings, as doors or gates and in other applications. The wide range of design possibilities and functional properties of glass fibre-reinforced plastics set new standards in modern architecture. LAMILUX Composites combines aesthetics, design, efficiency and function in its products.

Application as facade panel

LAMILUX GRP in Construction

Creative freedom for individual building shells

Rear-ventilated curtain facades made of fibre-reinforced plastic panels provide buildings with a great visual appeal and many functional advantages. Architects and builders can individually design the facade shell and adapt it to the project-specific building characteristics. LAMILUX facade panels also make a major contribution to optimising heat insulation. Thanks to their excellent physical and chemical properties, the GRP panels are highly resistant to UV rays, weathering and frost.

Application as a room solution

LAMILUX GRP Construction

Versatile and comfortable wall panelling and partitions

LAMILUX Composites offers the ideal product for quickly erected wall elements in a range of product variants for indoor and outdoor areas or mobile room units.
Whether temporary room solutions, emergency accommodation for crisis areas, construction sites, office containers, flexible housing units or individual modular buildings for nurseries and schools: Project-related room mobility can only be achieved by using materials with a range of physical and chemical properties. In this respect, fibre-reinforced plastics manufactured as sheeting are among the tried-and-tested construction materials for mobile units, modular houses and agricultural buildings.

Application in refrigerated warehouses and sanitary facilities


For the best hygienic protection

In the food industry, it is particularly important to guarantee the perfect protection of our food. Particular sensitivity is required in the production and storage of fresh and frozen goods in refrigerated warehouses, refrigerated displays or freezer display cases. LAMILUX fibre-reinforced plastics create a smooth and easy-to-clean surface, ensure extremely hygienic walls and create resistance to moisture and chemical influences.

Other fields of application


Our fibre-reinforced plastics for: 

  • Doors & gates
  • Industrial/hall doors or formwork panels
  • Waste water
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Trade fair construction
  • Continuous rooflight

TÜV-tested LAMILUX quality

Our continuous production process, which is controlled by highly qualified specialists, produces consistently high quality for you. As a European market leader, we have large production capacities and thus guarantee you supply reliability. In order to ensure our quality, LAMILUX is the world's first manufacturer of fibre-reinforced plastics to voluntarily have the majority of its laboratory and testing facilities tested and certified by TÜV Süd Germany. This means that we and our products have imposed the highest quality requirements.

The most important things at a glance

LAMILUX Composites

  • In thicknesses of 0.3 mm to 5.0 mm (product-dependent)
  • In widths up to 3.2 m
  • As panels up to 12 m or sheeting up to 300 m in length
  • Glass mats, Woven Roving or non crimp fabrics
  • Gelcoat layer for excellent UV and resistance to weathering, anti-slip coating
  • In a range of colours: RAL, NCS, translucent, dual colour, metallic or custom
  • Fibre structure, woven roving structure, high-gloss, matt, decor, dual colour
  • Smooth, corona-treated, roughened