LAMILUX Glass Roof PR60*

Free types, optical highlights and aesthetic standards

*Tested for the US-Market, these skylights adhere to stringent quality and safety regulations.

Benefits at a glance

Glass Roof PR60

Active energy management

  • Reduction of heat loss in the frame
  • Daylight + photovoltaics – elegantly provided in northern light sheds 
  • Life-cycle assessment made easy: There is a comprehensive Environmental Product Declaration for the Glass Roof PR60 in accordance to ISO EN 15804

Safety and natural SHEVS

  • General Building Approval for the system
  • The system bears the DVS quality seal and is certified according to DIN EN 1090-3
  • Fire protection and noise insulation (up to 46 dB according to EN 10140-2): Sandwich panels (trapezoid profiles) with mineral core insulation layer, roof-wall panel corresponds to construction material class A2
  • Integration of the Smoke Lift Glass Roof PR60​: Tested smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system according to EN 12101-2
  • Integrated control technology available
  • Resistance to external fire exposure from flying sparks and radiant heat with classification B,roof(t1) according to DIN EN 13501-5
  • Optional use of a laser grid as fall-through protection when the NSHEV is open


Glass Roof PR60

Glazing variants

  • Insulation glazing (Ug values between 1.1 and 0.5 W(m²/K)) with laminated safety glass
  • Glazing which channels or diffuses light
  • Sun protection glazing
  • Glazing with integrated sun protection blinds
  • Sound insulation glass

Flap system

The flap system is suitable for different roof shapes of the Glass Roof PR60 but are also ideal for upgrading older roof structures as they can be integrated into other systems.

New: Ventilation Flap PR60

Smoke Lift Glass Roof Pr60​


Glass Roof PR60

Thermal and sun protection

* A metal screen coated in the RAL colour of your choice and featuring a deciduous tree effect for natural shade effect. Deciduous tree effect screens provide protection against hail and UV light. 

Technical details

Glass Roof PR60

Construction details

Safety on the roof with ce approved quality in accordance with EN 13830

  • Watertightness against driving rain: Class RE 1950 (according to EN 12154/EN 12155)
  • Airtightness: Class AE 1950 (according to EN 12152/EN 12153)
  • Resistance to wind load: (EN 13116 / EN 12179 / 2,000 Pa permissible load and 3,000 Pa increased load)

Proven energy efficiency

  • Heat transmission coefficient of the mullions and transoms (Um/t) between 1.3 and 0.72 W/(m²K) (depends on the thickness of the glazing)
  • Surface temperature factor fRSi between 0.66 and 0.83 (depending on the thickness of the glazing)
  • The fully thermally separated structure is clearly visible in an isothermal diagram

Structural attachment


Glass Roof PR60

EPD Glass Roof PR60 | Smoke Lift Glass Roof PR60

Environmental product declaration


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