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We provide first aid for your flat roof

LAMILUX Extreme Weather Continuous Rooflight Thunderstorm
LAMILUX Extreme Weather Rooflight F100W Snow
LAMILUX Extreme Weather Glass Roof PR60 Rain
LAMILUX Extreme Weather Glass Skylight FE Thunderstorm

The damage caused by extreme weather has many consequences: leaks, broken glass, damaged vents or uncovered roofs. However, damage to skylights can often be repaired quickly and even renovated in an energy-efficient manner with the right solutions.

Have you been affected by it too? Did the last storm damage your rooflight or continuous rooflight? You are not alone in this – we will help you.
In recent years, numerous storms and other weather phenomena have damaged roofs, houses and even whole towns – sometimes seriously and, unfortunately, often injuring people. Forecasts estimate that severe weather events will pass over Germany even more frequently in the coming years. 

That's why we set up our service hotline. This will offer you quick and competent help in case of damage. We will record your damage, advise you on correction measures and send one of our field sales team members onto your roof. They will advise you on renovation and repair, provide you with a quote immediately and process your order on time – because every minute counts when there is a damaged skylight element and a storm in the sky.

You need help? We are at your service!

1. Get in touch with us

An individual consultation is always important: No two roofs are the same. That's why you should put your trust in our competence, our customised solutions and the speedy preparation of off quotations. We ensure this comprehensive on-site service with almost 40 field sales team members throughout Germany.

2. We record your damage and advise you on first aid measures

It is helpful to seek professional assistance to ensure damage is recorded properly. Our experts are on hand to offer you valuable advice, as well as a comprehensive technical consultation regarding first aid measures to limit the damage and facilitate the claims settlement process.

3. We will provide you with a quotation for your customised renovation solution as quickly as possible

We are here to help you manage your repairs. Our dedicated team of professionals understand the importance of addressing your claim quickly and efficiently.

4. You give the order, we repair

Our company is at your service to meet your repair needs. Our experienced team of professionals has the know-how and skills to carry out a wide range of repairs and provide you with high-quality results.

Strong by nature

We also manufacture for extreme weather

A flat roof is not just a flat roof – it must satisfy regional requirements when it comes to weather and climate. The building style and the materials used play a decisive role in the longevity and efficiency of the flat roof. Especially in regions with heavy snowfall or with frequent storms, we recommend glass solutions. Our Glass Skylights and Glass Roofs can be adapted not only to weather conditions, but also to your aesthetic and structural requirements.
But it is much more important that all LAMILUX products are optimised to ensure their functionality in extreme weather events: snow load, water tightness, resistance to wind load, air permeability or even hail resistance. We test our products beyond the legally prescribed level and use application-specific test procedures, some of which we have developed in-house.
To ensure that everything runs smoothly on the construction site, our Rooflights and Glass Skylights are fully pre-assembled on delivery.
We implement this in existing buildings with a wide range of renovation frames for installation of new upper sections or we replace seals or profile parts of skylights easily and quickly, for example. You can find more information on our Renovation page.

New and better

We renovate every element for you

LAMILUX Rooflight

LAMILUX Rooflight F100W

Tested tightness at a Driven Rain Index (DRI) of up to 14.7 m²/s

Resistance to wind load according to EN 1873 up to class UL 1780

Air tightness according to EN 1873 up to class A

Snow load up to DL 5000 according to EN 1873

Hail resistance class up to HW 5

LAMILUX Continuous Rooflight

Continuous Rooflight B

Tested tightness at a Driven Rain Index (DRI) of up to 3 m²/s

Resistance to wind load up to 2.9 kN/m² according to EU-Code

Air tightness according to ETA 09/0347 bis Klasse A

Snow load up to 4,4 kN/m² according to EU-Code

Hail resistance class HW 5

LAMILUX Glass Skylight FE

Glass Skylight FE

Driving rain tightness according to DIN EN 1027 = E (1950)

Resistance to wind load according to DIN EN 12211 = C5

Air permeability according to DIN EN 1026 = class 4

Snow load up to 4.4 kN/m² according to EU-Code individually higher possible

Hail resistance class HW 5

LAMILUX Glass Roof PR60

Glass Roof PR60

Driving rain tightness according to EN 12154 / EN 12155 class RE 1950

Resistance to wind load according to EN 13116 / EN 12179 2000 Pa permissible load and 3000 Pa increased load

Air permeability according to EN 12152 / EN 12153 AE 1950

Snow load up to 4.4 kN/m² according to EU-Code individually higher possible

Hail resistance class HW 5