LAMILUX Windows Fire Resistance REI 30, REI 60, REI 90

Design and comfort with maximum fire resistance

Fire protection solutions should, in the best case, prevent a fire from starting. If a fire does break out, though, it must be prevented from spreading quickly in order to ensure the rescue of people and animals and to enable effective extinguishing work. This is where fire-resistant windows make an important contribution. We are experts in fire protection and will be happy to advise you on our Fire Resistance windows, which have heat and fire resistant glazing that has been tested under additional load. Our fire-resistant windows consist of a wide product range in the area of fire-resistant glass skylights and fire-resistant glass roofs. We can therefore manufacture your fire protection window individually according to the conditions on site.

Fire protection windows withstand fire and heat

A fire-resistant window is a window that withstands fire and heat for a certain period of time in case of fire. The higher the performance class, the longer the period and the hotter the fire. During this time, the component must ensure the room closure, bear its own weight and any additional loads and limit the heat transfer. The fire-resistant window obtains this protection through special layers in the glass panes and materials and construction details of the frame and support profiles. This prevents the spread of fire to other sections of the building for up to 90 minutes. 

Glass Skylight Fire Resistance 

The LAMILUX Glass Skylight Fire Resistance is pre-assembled on a steel upstand and limited to truck loading width. It is installed in public buildings such as educational institutions, cultural facilities or shopping centres, among others. A lot of people stay in these buildings, for whom our product keeps the escape and rescue routes clear for up to 90 minutes. With the new Glass Skylight Fire Resistance REI 90, we have succeeded in extending our previous protection of 30 resp. 60 minutes even further. 

Glass Roof Fire Resistance

The LAMILUX Glass Roof Fire Resistance offers strong protection in case of fire. Our LAMILUX Glas Roof Fire Resistance is available in different versions and can cover larger areas. Due to that it needs to be assembled on site. The Glass Roof Fire Resistance REI 30 withstands fire and heat for at least 30 minutes, the product variant Glass Roof Fire Resistance REI 60 even 60 minutes. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive and competent advice on our products and how you can integrate all the requirements relating to fire protection safety into your building project. 

Reliable partner in fire protection by LAMILUX Service 

When using fire-resistant windows in a building project, it is absolutely necessary that the fire-resistant windows are installed professionally. Therefore, only certified specialist companies should be used for the installation. In most cases, the building authority requires a declaration from the installing company regarding the professional installation of the fire-resistant windows. This is because there are many different requirements to be met when installing fire-resistant glazing so that the fire-resistant windows are fully functional and save lives in the event of a fire. That's why you trust the experience and service of fire protection specialists. We are your reliable partner for fire-resistant windows.

The fire resistance classes

Of our LAMILUX Windows Fire Resistance

The demands and time requirements for how long the installed fire-resistant window must be able to withstand fire and heat are varied and are increasing with constantly stricter fire protection requirements. Before thermal insulation or soundproofing, fire protection is the most important requirement. Structural fire protection and the associated building laws and requirements are stipulated in the respective state building regulations. If you need a fire-resistant roof for your building, you must use a fire-resistant window with fire-resistant glazing for it. When a fire-resistant window is mandatory is regulated in the building codes or the responsible building authorities prescribe fire-resistant windows for special building measures. 

Comparison of fire resistance classes

Marking F according to DIN 4102-2

When assessing the fire resistance class in accordance with DIN 4102-2, the code letters F or G and a number are used. The number indicates the minutes determined in the tests for the fire resistance duration. This value is rounded down to the nearest value divisible by 30, resulting in the fire resistance classes F30, F60, F90, or rather G30, G60 and G90.

Marking REI according to EN 13501-2

The EN 13501-2 standard differentiates the following criteria for describing fire resistance: Load-bearing capacity (R), room-enclosing function (E) and thermal insulation (I). For a glass roof, the performance time in minutes of one of the following numbers is given for each criterion: 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 180, 240. In contrast to DIN 4102-2, this standard also evaluates the load-bearing capacity and is thus closer to reality.

Fire resistance class Fire Resistance

Our window Fire Resistance is classified according to the European standard EN 13501-2. With the new Glass Skylight Fire Resistance REI 90, we have succeeded in extending our previous protection of 30 resp. 60 minutes: The Glass Skylight Fire Resistance REI 90 withstands fire and heat for at least 90 minutes and prevents fires from spreading to other parts of the building.

Benefits at a glance

LAMILUX Windows Fire Resistance - design and comfort without compromising on safety

Wide range of products in high quality standards

  • Various fire-resistant windows available in all fire resistance classes  
  • Design: German Design Award 2023 in the category "Excellent Product Design - Building and Elements" for our new Glass Skylight Fire Resistance REI 90 
  • Visible elements of the supporting structure with RAL coatings 
  • Visible or concealed screw connection of the ceiling strips possible 

Optimised sealing and drainage system

  • Efficient ventilation of glazing rebates and controlled drainage of water and condensate  
  • Overlapping, multi-layered sealing system, designed without direct joints and a secondary drainage system in the inner sealing layer 
  • Joint-free, continuous drainage level on the mullion/transom 
  • Increase and improvement of the surface temperature on the glass edge and subsequent reduction in risk of condensation 

Active energy management 

  • Reduction of heat loss in the frame 
  • Optimised building energy balance through improved thermal insulation and isothermal processes
  • Combination of fire protection properties and energy benefits 


  • Fire resistance with the functional integrity of the complete system certified to 30 minutes / 60 minutes / 90 minutes 
  • Resistance to external fire exposure from flying sparks and radiating heat with classification B, roof (t1) as per DIN EN 13501-5 
  • Classification according to EN 13501-2 for: 
    • Fire spread to adjoining building parts is prevented  
    • Escape and rescue routes are kept clear   
    • The development of large fires is prevented 
    • Rescue and extinguishing work is facilitated 

The REI-certified LAMILUX Windows Fire Resistance

In accordance with fire resistance classes REI 30, REI 60 and REI 90 according to EN 13501-2

LAMILUX Glass Skylight Fire Resistance

Glass Skylight Fire Resistance REI 30, REI 60, REI 90 

  • Delivered to the construction site as a factory pre-assembled element on a steel upstand
  • Can be installed on roofs with an inclination of up to 15°
  • In standard with 5° inclination of the element  
  • Functions and resistance tested under real conditions and under load 

Available in 3 fire resistance classes: 

  • REI 30, similar to F30 (30 minutes resistance in case of fire)
  • REI 60 (60 minutes resistance in case of fire)
  • NEW REI 90 (90 minutes resistance in case of fire)


LAMILUX Glass Roof Fire Resistance

Glass Roof Fire Resistance REI 30, REI 60

  • Available in longer dimensions and is assembled on site
  • As a self-supporting construction, expensive support elements are not necessary 
  • Can be individually planned in terms of size and adapted to the conditions on site 
  • Filigree cover strips make it indistinguishable from classic LAMILUX glass roofs from the outside   
  • Can be installed in roof inclinations from 2° up to 80° 
  • Tested under load in real conditions 

Available in 2 fire resistance classes: 

  • REI 30, similar to F30 (30 minutes resistance in case of fire)
  • REI 60 (60 minutes resistance in case of fire)

The product variants

Glass Skylight Fire Resistance REI 30, REI 60, REI 90

Various fire protection solutions with design
our windows Fire Resistance

The product variants

Glass Roof Fire Resistance REI 30, REI 60

Technical details

Windows Fire Resistance REI 30, REI 60, REI 90

Construction details

Proven energy efficiency

  • Heat transfer coefficient of the mullions and transoms 
  • (Um/t) von 1,35 bis 1,42 W/(m²K) (depending on the version installed) 
  • Surface temperature factor fRSi from 0.64 to 0.8 (depending on the version installed) 
  • The completely thermally separated construction is clearly visible in the isotherm observation 

Safety on the roof with CE approved quality in accordance with EN 13830

  • Watertightness against driving rain: Class RE 1950 (according to EN 12154)
  • Airtightness: Class AE 3000 (according to EN 12152)
  • Resistance to wind load 2000 Pa (nach EN 13116)


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