Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG)

From January 1, 2023, the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) initially came into force for companies with a workforce of at least 3,000 employees. Since 2024, it now applies to companies with at least 1,000 employees domestically. The LkSG obliges companies to establish a complaint procedure to address potential human rights and environmental violations along their supply chain or in their own business operations.

The LAMILUX Group supports the objectives of the LkSG and therefore offers the opportunity to submit a complaint.

Complaint Procedure

If you would like to address a complaint related to the LkSG to us, we ask you to send it to us using the form below. In order to provide you with an appropriate response and to process your complaint as effectively as possible, we need the following information:

  • Your name and contact information (email address), including your country of residence.
  • Which action of the LAMILUX Group or one of its suppliers is related to your reasons for complaint.
  • Please describe in as much detail as possible the adverse effects or risks and how you are personally affected. Please attach all relevant documents to your complaint.
  • If relevant, please tell us the standards or guidelines you believe we have violated.
  • Let us know what you expect from your complaint and how you think we can best respond.
  • All information you provide will, of course, be treated confidentially.

For further details on the procedure following the receipt of your complaint, please refer to the Rules of Procedure.

Notification LkSG

Rules of Procedure

Rules of Procedure for the Complaints Procedure under the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG)

This document is the Rules of Procedure of the LAMILUX Group for handling complaints under the LkSG * (hereinafter referred to as the Complaints Procedure). The Rules of Procedure describe the Complaints Procedure established by the LAMILUX Group for this purpose.

1. Reporting Individuals

The Complaints Procedure enables potentially affected individuals to report on human rights and environmental risks or violat
ion s (hereinafter "reporting individual"). Individuals are considered potentially affected if they:

  • are directly affected by economic activities within the LAMILUX Group's own business area or
  • are directly affected by economic activities of a direct or indirect supplier of the LAMILUX Group or
  • may be injured in a protected legal position
  • and individuals who have knowledge of a potential violation of a protected legal position or an environmental obligation.

2. Reporting Process for a "Report under the LkSG " on the website of the LAMILUX Group

The LAMILUX Group has established a section titled "Report under the LkSG " on its website for such notifications. Within this section, a contact option is provided through which the reporting individual can submit their complaints. By selecting the "Submit" button, the text is sent via email to the designated "Complaints Officer". All reports can be made with or without naming the reporter.

3. Complaints Officer

The Complaints Officer is the exclusive point of contact for the reporting individual throughout the entire complaints procedure. The Complaints Officer ensures impartiality and acts independently and without instruction within the scope of their function.

4. Procedure of the Complaints Process

a. Acknowledgment of the Report

The reporting individual receives confirmation via email of the receipt of the report within 5 working days. If the complaint is submitted anonymously or with (un)intentionally false contact information that makes it impossible to contact the reporting individual, the LAMILUX Group is not obliged to identify the reporting individual to fulfill its communication obligations.

b. Investigation of the Facts and Response

The Complaints Officer verifies whether the complaint falls within the scope of the complaints procedure.

(1) Rejection of the Complaint

If the complaint does not fall within the scope of the complaints procedure, the reporting individual receives a corresponding notification within two weeks of the receipt of the complaint. Typically, an explanation for the rejection is provided to the reporting individual. An explanation of why the LAMILUX Group considers the complaint unfounded is not provided if prevented by legal, regulatory, or factual reasons concerning the compla int s office.

(2) Further Processing of the Complaint

If the complaint falls within the scope of the complaints procedure, the Complaints Officer conducts an investigation into the facts and provides a response to the reporting individual within three months at the latest. If the investigation reveals that the information pro vid ed by the reporting individual is insufficient or not relevant for further clarification of the complaint, the Complaints Officer informs the reporting individ ual and requests additional information. The Complaints Officer may discuss the matter with the reporting individual to gain a better understanding of the situation.

c. Potential Legal Violation

If the examination of the complaint reveals that a violation of an obligation related to the LkSG appears to be possible, imminent, or has occurred within the LAMILUX Group's own business area or with a direct or indirect supplier, the LAMILUX Group initiates appropriate preventive and/or remedial measures. The aim of these measures is to prevent violations of protected legal positions or to minimize or rectify violation s o f protected legal positions that have already occurred.

d. Review of the Effectiveness of the Complaints Procedure

The effectiveness of the complaints procedure is reviewed annually as well as on an ad hoc basis.

5. Documentation and Retention

Each individual complaint process is documented and retained in accordance with legal requirements.

6. Data Protection and Confidentiality

The LAMILUX Group ensures through appropriate personnel, organizational, and technical measures that the confidentiality of the identities of reporting individuals is preserved and effective protection against retaliation or punishment due to a complaint by the reporting individual is ensured. Individuals involved in the complaints procedure are obligated to maintain confidentiality and comply with data protection regulations. Confidentiality extends to the reporting individual or individuals mentioned in the report, as well as any other individuals mentioned in the report.

7. Costs

The procedure is free of charge for reporting individuals.

*Rules of Procedure for the Complaints Procedure under the LkSG · V.1. 11/2022