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LAMILUX Glass Roof PR60

Glass roof constructions according to your wishes

Do you want as much daylight as possible in your building? Then a glass roof construction is a good choice. Just look at large shopping centres such as the Thier Galerie in Dortmund. Or the BMW research and innovation centre. With a glass roof we do not only have the possibility to realise your individual ideas - we also adapt the glass roof to your individual needs. That way, we can respond to your request for a lot of daylight, and at the same time make your building safer with smoke and heat extraction devices. You can thus incorporate our Glass Roof PR60 individually into the planning of your projects. With LAMILUX, you have a partner at your side that will meet your expectations and provide impressive solutions for your glass roof. How does this work? Our PR60 system is based on an aluminium post-and-beam system that is highly adaptable as well as independent of inclination and can be installed in any roof shape imaginable, such as gable or hipped roofs. Pyramids or barrel roofs can be realised as well. If you wish, you can have your own polygonal creations realised. 
This is made possible by the special design with the insert connectors since the system is so dimensionally stable at the load-bearing joints that even complicated profile joints are possible without any problems. Apart from this, the profiles are statically optimised in height and provide maximum daylight incidence with a face width of 60 millimetres. This gives the building an indispensable added value, which is also reflected in the energy efficiency. The special combination between exterior seal and press strips guarantees optimal drainage of rainwater. The interaction between the inner sealing layer and the construction's own insulation core results in optimal isothermal processes. These ensure that the heat remains inside in winter and outside in summer. If the building requires a passive house standard, it is possible to use the LAMILUX Glass Roof PR60 in the passive house variant. This corresponds to the highest passive house efficiency class "phA advanced component" and is the best aluminium mullion-transom system on the market in terms of thermal performance. Even with the passive house variant, there are no obstacles to the free shaping and design of the glass roof. 

Our LAMILUX glass roof portfolio

Suitable products for all demands

Glass Roof

LAMILUX Glass Roof PR60

Ventilation of the glass rebates by patented AVS-technology to prevent "blinding" of the glass

Controlled water and condensate drainage prevents mould formation

Acts as a natural smoke outlet and ensures low-smoke escape routes through integration of the Smoke Lift PR60

Fire and sound protection

Optimally insulated frame construction reduces heat loss

Glass Roof
passive house standard

LAMILUX Glass Roof passive house standard

Highest passive house efficiency class

High solar gains

Very resistant, lets fresh air through and withstands heavy driving rain

Tested and certified according to DIN EN 1090-3

In general, this category has all the features of the PR60! Plus, that it is the most efficient system on the market

Glass Roof
Fire Resistance

LAMILUX Glass Roof Fire Resistance

The size of the glass roof can be freely planned without support elements

With fire resistance classes REI 30 and REI 60, it guarantees room closure and load-bearing capacity for 30 or 60 minutes in case of fire, without fire spreading to adjacent building parts

Attractive slim design

Withstands fire under extreme weather conditions

Modular Glass Skylight

LAMILUX Modular Glass Skylight MS78

Maximum ventilation area due to unrestricted sash arrangement

High degree of prefabrication plus lean and automated processes

Uniform appearance of opening vents and fixed elements through nativ flap integration (NFI)

Selft-aligning module connection simplifies precise installation (SAM)

Maximum safety from the first sealing level onwards through seamless Drainage Profile (SEP)

Free forms, optical highlights,

aesthetic standards

- our glass roofs

Customised renovation

Individual preparation of renovation plans

Signing a renovation contract with LAMILUX means that all work will be carried out with the utmost care and everything will run as smoothly as possible. Our experts are committed to providing you with a comprehensive service - from planning to installation and maintenance. You get everything from a single source and can rely on years of experience. The procedure of a renovation planning is that we go through all points of a carefully prepared checklist and carry out the renovation step by step according to schedule. It is our goal to present you technically convincing, innovative and economical solutions.  

Paulus Church in Traunreut
Paulus Church in Traunreut


The basis for a renovation is a checklist that is worked through step by step. Together with you, we determine the different energy and functional requirements for the product. 
The following questions are examined for this purpose:

  • What is the condition of the product?
  • Can the substructure still be used?
  • Is it necessary to dismantle the old substructure and rebuild it?

Preliminary planning

Together with you, we plan a concept that is adapted to your needs.
For this we use:

  • Our multifaceted product portfolio, especially regarding energy efficiency and functionality.
  • Individual and building-specific adaptation of the skylights
  • Detailed offer with transparent cost presentation
  • Renovation solution that meets your expectations

What can you expect from us?

  • Detailed preparation and planning of your glass roof construction
  • Preparation of a binding approval drawing
  • If requested, preparation of a serviceability and load-bearing safety certificate for the glass roof construction
  • Handing over of proofs of the energetic data of the products
  • Continuous availability for questions during the approval phase
Labor court in Bielefeld with installed glass roof that needs to be renovated
Renovation of an installed glass roof on the labor court in Bielefeld
Willy-Brandt-Realschule in Herten during the installation of a Glass Roof PR60
Installation of a Glass Roof PR60 at Willy-Brandt-Realschule in Herten


Production processing includes various things:

  • Control of incoming goods
  • Preparation of a production plan
  • Production planning
  • Sustainable production methods and raw materials
  • Monitoring the production process
  • Quality control


Our programme for installation services is very comprehensive and includes the following items:

  • Supervision and planning of the scheduling processes
  • Only trained specialist personnel are employed to carry out all installation work
  • Instruction of the teams for dismantling the substructure and the old skylights, as well as installing the new system
  • Disposal of the old substructure constructions

In addition, we offer a detailed maintenance programme of your smoke and heat ventilation systems:

  • Recording of the condition of the smoke and heat ventilation systems 
  • 24-hour hotline
  • Tightly knit maintenance network
  • Rapid on-site service
  • Comprehensive project documentation
Glass Roof PR60
Installed glass roof PR60 of the Bertha-von-Suttner-Realschule in Cologne

Optimal daylight incidence

combined with

smoke and heat exhaust ventilation

Efficient smoke extraction with the LAMILUX Smoke Lift Glass Roof PR60

The suitable solution for your glass roof construction

The smoke and heat extraction device can be installed in any LAMILUX Glass Roof PR60.  Our LAMILUX Smoke Lift belongs to the natural smoke ventilation devices and opens in less than 60 seconds in case of smoke development to provide a fast and large smoke outlet. In accordance with DIN EN 12101 - 2, this also works under the impact of snow loads and at temperatures as low as -15° C.  Even with wind loads of up to 1500 N/m², perfect functioning is ensured. What are the advantages of the LAMILUX Smoke Lift Glass Roof PR60? The sash width and height of the flaps can be selected variably up to 2.50 m and in any RAL colour and of course our product complies with the European standard DIN EN 12101 - 2 for smoke and heat ventilation systems. 

Another advantage is the drive system, which can be selected variably as a pneumatic or electric drive with 24 volts, 48 volts or 230 volts. The choice can be made according to requirements, and regardless of this, the control system for all integrated smoke lifts is optimally linked to ensure smooth operation. Pneumatic and electric drives can be controlled equally. The control technology can also be used for third-party systems. We do not only carry out the installation of the control systems, though, but also maintain them professionally. The NSHEV is also perfectly suited for the renovation of glass roof structures, as it can also be easily integrated into systems of other manufacturers.

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